Alli Slimming Pills – Where To Buy UK

Alli the new wonder over the counter slimming pillA new wonder slimming pill has been revealed and much publicized in the UK press.

Alli, the new over counter prescription grade slimming pill went sale in the UK and created much hysteria and stock levels have almost been depleted.

Alli – which is a lower strength version of Xenical has been on sale for over a year now in the United States, the user feedback, customer comments and dieters experiences in general are not as positive as you would expect.

From a commercial point of view Alli is marketers dream:

  • First Over The Counter Slimming Pill Thats Prescription Grade
  • Can Stop The Absorption Of A Quarter Of Dietary Fat
  • New Miracle Slimming Pill
  • Anti Obesity Treatment

From a user point of view the true fact are little less flattering

  • Reports Of Anal Leakage And Runny Poo Side Effects
  • Pharmaceutically Produced And Not A Natural Product
  • Not Thoroughly Tested On HumansFor Long Term Health Risks
  • Earlier Reports Linked With Colon Cancer In Mice

Where to Buy Alli Slimming Pills In The UK

UK slimmers have been buying Alli on the high street and via the web in their droves and could make Alli the Best Selling Slimming Pill of the Year.

The race is now on for high street and online stockists to see who can sell Alli the cheapest.

Alli Slimming Pills from BootsAt the moment the most popular stockist is Boots the Chemist with Alli both in store and online – Visit Boots costing £36.95 for a week supply and £49.95 for the full month

The cheapest price and cheapest supplier of Alli is  via online UK registered chemists such as£34.00 for the full month and £19.00 for the 42 pack

Is Alli Really The New Miracle Slimming Pill

Alli definatley have a large advertising budget at its disposal to make the manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline a fortune.

The problem being is that the process of stopping fat absorption is anything but new.

Proactol stops the absorption of fatWhilst Alli has been coined the “new wonder slimming pill” that stops fat from being absorbed.

This is something that Proactol (a natural fat binder) has been doing for years – and without the side effects!

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