Best UK Fat Burners

The UK is responsible for producing some the most effective slimming pills and fat burners in particular.

We have been critical of certain brands of fat burners in the past and rightly so, as most are produced in the United States and most are basically rebranded products that already exist.

Over the last few years we have reviewed and commented  on almost all of the slimming pills and diet products available in Britain.

The last 18 months or so has seen the introduction of two products (responsible for fat burning) that appear to have put fat burners back on the map.

The products below have all experienced success in the UK this year.


Buy PhenQPhenQ is the pick of the bunch – a multiple benefit, multiple cation diet pill that can only burn fat but also stop the introduction of new fat from the food (high in fat) that you eat. It can also suppress appetite and dramatically reduce your daily calorie consumption.

PhenQ has clinically studied and tested ingredients that are both both highly effective and safe.

PhenQ is available in all countries and without prescription. It has a 60 day money back guarantee.

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Phen375 is a direct replacement to Phentermine, the former prescription only drug that often given to obese patients.

Phen375 does not actually contain Phentermine (Phentermine has now been withdrawn from the market) but a new pharmaceutical grade ingredient manufactured in FDA pharmaceutical registered laboratories.

Phen375 not only contains an active ingredient to burn fat but also an appetite suppressing agent that can significantly cut down the desire to eat between meals.

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Capsiplex is the fat burner that experienced possibly the biggest media coverage and press hysteria (barring Alli Orlistat) in the entire diet pill industry in the UK.

If you have searching the web for opinions, reviews and comments of the best and most popular slimming pills there is little doubt that you will have come acros Capsiplex several times.

Capsiplex is the chili slimming pill that includes and ingredient that was given the thumbs up by the NHS – and available to buy on the open market without the need for a prescription.

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