Slimming With Green Tea

Green Tea and SlimmingThe slimming world has a long relationship with Green Tea. Centuries of tradition have involved Green Tea in some capacity for slimming and all round health and wellbeing.

Along with Aloe Vera and Hoodia, Green Tea is a natural plant or herbal extract that is best used in its natural and unaltered form – this is despite intervention fromĀ  the pharmaceutical drug companies.

This is largely understood and acknowledged by the majority of slimming pill and health product manufacturers is does not alter the fact that many try to gain an advantage by adding other compounds and ingredients into the product to produce a gimmicky superfood health product.


Tava Tea Released In The UK

Tava Tea the much anticipated slimming tea is now available to buy in the UK

The Sunday Express featured its arrival on the front page of its newspaper July 2010 such is the importance.

Tava Tea is a unique blend of three of the most potent green tea – also a a firm favourite in Hollywood.

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How Does Green Tea Help WIth Slimming

Consuming Green Tea or taking a Green Tea Slimming Pill can produce a fat burning effect. The fat burning does not happen without help or intervention from us though.

Benefits of Green Tea Include:

  • Increasing Our Metabolic Rate
  • Raising Our Energy Levels
  • Stopping The Conversion Of Energy Into Fat
  • Helping The Body From Absorbing Fat
  • Regulate Our Blood Sugar Levels

The general consensus of opinion on fat burning is that the process will only occur with mobility or action from us. Slimming pills that are targeted toward fat burning often provides the dieter with extra energy levels needed to exercise and subsequently burn the fat.

So in summary it is not the supplement that burns fat – it just provides the fuel needed for exercise.

Does Green Tea Work For Slimming

Essential is often use to describe Green Tea – as an energy provider it is one of the best naturally occuring substances. Using Green Tea a slimming aid may leave you disappointed. fat burning on the whole is not as affective as Fat Binding or Fat Blocking

Green Tea Side Effects

A majority of slimming pills that include stimulants can cause a feeling of unrest and potentially could cause insomnia and a jittery feeling.

Pure green tea products based on ancient recipes are less likely due to the natural and herbal based composition.

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