Pure Hoodia – Appetite Suppressant

unique-hoodiaHoodia Gordonii is the most potent form of suppressing the appetite known to man. It is a natural substance harvested from the dessert like areas of the Kalahari.

There are currently dozens if not hundreds of “Hoodia” products to buy over the counter at your local store or via the web. The weight loss pill industry have made millions from the name since it benefits to dieters were discovered. This is largely due to the media late last century (1990’s) touting it as the “cure for obesity” and the most exciting discovery for people in need of weight loss…ever.

Media Hysteria was further fueled by high profile celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey unashamedly plugging products and attributing their slender figures to the properties of Hoodia.

What Is Hoodia

Without elaborating too much, Hoodia Gordonii is a plant often described as a cactus. It grows in arid conditions and quite poetically where food is sparse. Tribesman have been using the cactus for centuries to reduce and stave off hunger while on exploration and hunting ventures.

Contrary to popular belief it is not “Hoodia” that is responsible for suppressing the appetite but just one of 13 substances extracted from the plant. This substance is called p57. The other 12 are relatively useless for weight loss.

Are All Hoodia Slimming Pills The Same

Absolutely not, it seems adequate to emblazon Hoodia across a product for the consumer to falsely believe that they are getting the appetite suppressing ingredient.

p57 can take years to extract and so is not cheap – genuine Hoodia will always carry a CITES certificate The Hoodia Gordonii plant is now an endangered species and is harvested under strict guidelines.

No doubt you will have seen the many Hoodia adverts in magazines and on the web. Be very wary – it is estimated that over 80% of Hoodia branded diet pills are either man made or do not have the p57 substance present in its formula.

Any Side Effects With Pure Hoodia

Genuine, authentic CITES certified Hoodia does not pose a risk to health – one effect that may be experienced is a slight mood elevation or a natural high, so a positive effect rather than a negative.

Where To Buy Genuine Pure Hoodia

unique-hoodia1Pure Hoodia, as the name suggests is Pure, authentic and carries certification. It is harvested from its South African origin and exported to the UK, America and across Europe. Pure Hoodia are the original importers. Buy from direct from source.

Pure Hoodia  have been importing since the mid nineties.

But this underlines that Pure Hoodia is pretty much industry standard and are most definatley not a fly by night company

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