Lipozene Review

Lipozene Slimming PillsLipozene is 100% natural fibre extract that supposedly can have a dramatic effect on your body fat – the makers of Lipozene claim that their product is the perfect solution to reduce body.

Obesity Research Institute – who produce Lipozene, have a rather past when it comes to substantiating claims about the validity of their products.

Lipozene is very known in the USA but not so in the UK or across Europe. A small fortune is spent pumping the media campaign into out living rooms and onto our magazines and newspapers.

Lipozene Ingredients

This natural fibre complex has not got the usual ingredients normally associated with a pill that is aimed towards burning body fact – in fact it has only the one main ingredient. That ingredient is Glucomannan – which is the natural fibre from Konjac Root.


Capsiplex – The Miracle Slimming Pill

Capsiplex is now available in the UK. Coined the “Miracle Slimming Pill” by the British media, Capsiplex is based on capsicum, red hot chili powder.

It is suggested that using Capsiplex can burn just as many calories as jogging for 20 minutes.

It also contains a substance recommended to combat obesity by the NHS but available to buy direct without prescription.

Such was its popularity upon its release it sold out within 3 days of being introduced to the market.

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It appears that the makers of Lipozene are basing this diet pill product on the consumer perception that natural and plant extract must be beneficial to weight loss. Not all natural plant extracts can hava an effect on weight loss – because a product is extracted from a plant does also not mean that is will safe for consumption.

Is Lipozene Effective For Slimming

It is claimed that the Lipozene formula creates a sponge – or dietary sponge that has an effect on the stomach and creates a feeling of fullness. So not necessarily an appetite suppressing effect that tricks the brain – but more a physical feeling of fullness. How this is supposed to work is another matter.

The main ingredient, Glucomman has been the subject of investigation by the FDA – Obesity Research Institute have recently been charged for making over ambitions claims as to the success of their product. So draw your own conclusions to whether Lipozene works!

Is Lipozene Safe

Most likely will not cause a side effect.

Buy Lipozene

Consumer feedback is not impressive or positive to put it mildly – it is not a diet pill to rely on for weight loss.

Alternative Appetite Suppressing Diet Pills

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