Pregnancy and Slimming Pills

pregnancy and slimming pills dangersPutting on weight is one of the common occurrences during pregnancy. Apart from the baby’s weight, due to several other factors the mother herself can acquire some excess weight that may be difficult to get rid of even after the delivery.

Naturally, that creates a great concern for the mum-to-be.

Out of desperation and to keep themselves in proper shape and size, some women take refuge of slimming pills, without knowing the consequences.

Various studies have revealed that slimming pills can be the combination of various chemicals as well as natural herbal substances and some are not really safe for both the mother and her fetus. The fetus absorbs everything consumed by the pregnant woman. Hence taking diet pills can be dangerous for the baby.

A Womans Body During Pregnancy

A woman’s body requirement during pregnancy is totally different from the normal time and the diet pills are actually not needed to control the weight during this phase.

Healthy and freshly prepared food along with some light and freehand exercises should ensure perfect fetal growth and keep the woman beautifully fit.

The labels of a few slimming pills contain clear warning to keep the pregnant women away from consuming them, but some labels do not and that misguides a pregnant woman.

The doctor may also advice to avoid them considering the health of the fetus and the mother-to-be.

A baby in the womb needs nutritious food and not dieting. In the modern world of medicines, there may be some pregnancy-friendly diet pills. But after all it is the question of the baby’s health. So, why take chance?

Slimming Pills After Pregnancy

One of the safest and most beneficial slimming pills to take after a baby is born and the mother has stopped breast feeding Is Proactol.

Proactol is a natural, herbal substance without any inclusion of drug classed ingredients.

Praoctol can stop the absorption of fat and also acts as an appetite suppressant

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