Ab Cuts JWoww Slimming Pill

Slimming pills and celebrity endorsements seem to go hand in glove at the moment … with differing degrees of success.

JWoww AKA Jenni Farley from MTV’s USA focused reality television series Jersey Shore has been showing off her curves in the media and promoting the natural slimming supplement in Ab Cuts.

This is the same Jwoww who rumour had it was using another a diet method a year ago – allegedly.

So What Are Ab Cuts

Ab Cuts is a capsule form fat burner that is geared towards raising the metabolic rate in an attempt to burn excess body fat and decrease calorie absorption.

The two main components are Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Sesamin

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is present in some dairy and meat based products.

Clinical trials and scientific study into CLA has been far from conclusive  – although there is an association that may suggest that it could help build muscle, reduce excess body fat, and form a better cellular structure.

Sesamin is the natural byproduct (oil) of the sesame plant. There has also been very little scientific study that has resulted in little clinical evidence.

Sesamin is targeted towards building lean muscle mass, burning excess body fat and aiding athletic stamina performance.

Does Ab Cuts Cause Side Effects

There has not been any documented cases of severe side effects although any products that increase the metabolism can effect and cause the following conditions: Palpitations, increased heart rate, restlessness and nausea could be experienced.

“Where Ab Cuts employs the likes of JWoww as its celebrity user …. Capsiplex boasts the likes of Brad Pitt, J-Lo etc …..”

Ab Cuts Where To Buy In The UK

Ab Cuts is predominantly sold online and via US focused website.

The UK high street does not have an authorised stockists – Boots, Holland and Barrett, Tesco are not planning to supply in the future.

Is Ab Cuts Recommended

Ab Cuts is basically CLA – the packaging and marketing material is nice and pretty – the weight loss results may not be.

Alternative Slimming Pills

Capsiplex is the celebrity diet pill that can back up its claims.

Capsiplex is both incredibly popular and incredibly effective.

Capsiplex has just blown everything else out of consideration. If you are considering using a slimming pill there are not many negatives that will prevent you from buying Capsiplex.

Where Ab Cuts uses the likes of JWoww as its celebrity customer …. Capsiplex can boast the likes of Brad Pitt, J-Lo etc …..

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