Apidrex Review

Apidrex is a new appetite suppressor that claims to help you shed the pounds and keep them off. Unfortunately, closer examination of their customer reviews and ingredients reveal that the claims made by Apidrex are not entirely believable.

It is consumed orally. It is taken to lower your hunger cravings in an attempt to stop you from over-eating. It is meant to be user-friendly, because you only need to take 1 dose on a morning and 1 dose prior to lunchtime.

Apidrex is a stimulant for the central nervous system. It operates in a similar manner to amphetamines to quell your hunger cravings.

The Ingredients in Apidrex

Contains solely natural ingredients including: Green Tea, Hoodia Gordonii, L-theanine, Guggulesterones, Theobromine, Banaba, Cha de Bugre, Maca Extract, Magnocortene, Glucomannan and Guarana.

The Hoodia component could make this product unsuitable for a UK consumer as it was deemed in April 2011 that Hoodia was to be made unavailable anywhere in the British Isles.

Apidrex does contain a couple of quality ingredients, like guggulesterones (good for the cholesterol) and green tea (which can boost the metabolism and burn fat), but it seems unlikely that Apidrex has a big enough dose of either of these to make a significant difference.

Apidrex does not reveal the precise dosages of each ingredient which is a black mark. For a weight loss supplement to work it has to contain quality ingredients at the correct dosages.

The fact that the label does not reveal its’ ingredients quantities does not necessarily mean that it will not work, but you could not rely on it delivering. Apart from the 2 ingredients mentioned above, it does not contain any other ingredients which have any type of clinical backing.

Apidrex Side-effects and Refund Policy

Because the ingredients are not fully revealed, it is not possible to be sure if Apidrex is a safe supplement. Normally, products with stimulants produce side-effects like nervousness, insomnia, irritability, dizziness, nausea, the jitters and anxiety.

Apidrex provides a guarantee offering you most of your cash back, should you not be happy with the results from using the product. Generally, this indicates that a company has confidence in its’ product. However, Apidrex applies a cost to the return process, which it could be argued is unnecessary.

You get just thirty days from the initial date of purchase to send the product back. If shipping takes twenty days, then you will just get ten days to sample the product, which is hardly sufficient time to assess its success or otherwise.

Does Apiderex Work

Apidrex’s numerous grandiose claims can not, unfortunately, be verified because they do not disclose exactly what their product contains. Also, many of the customer reviews online are negative, with some users reporting only limited weight loss results and an unpleasant sickly feeling from using the product. No company should have to hide anything, but Apidrex does not provide enough information.

Regrettably we cannot give any kind of recommendation.

Where To Buy Apiderex In The UK

You are not likely to find or be able to buy in the UK high street over the counter. The most likely stockist would the official website for an online purchase. The product is shipped to Britain.

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