Boots Appetite Control Review

Boots Appetite Control is a an appetite suppressant from Boots own label, Boots Pharmaceuticals.

It is the latest product to be introduced under their Boots own brand and they appear to be moving away from stocking third party brands in favour of their own.

Just as with all appetite suppressants the product is designed to lessen food cravings and create a feeling of satiety (fulness) during a meal so that your food portions will become smaller of time – this will obviously lead to a reduction is daily calorie consumption.

Thats the theory, So how does Boots Appetite Control Work

“It is made with a specialised high swelling capacity fibre complex that is rich in soluble dietary fibres that can swell up to 50 times its original size. Clinical studies have shown that the fibre helps to control appetite by promoting a pleasant feeling of fullness.”

The product information contained on the official website (other than the above) is vague to say the least.

The ingredient list and quantities of each is not detailed and so it is extremely hard for us to make a fair assessment or give a fair analysis and review. We will have revisit Appetite Control at a later date. Needless to say, anything that originates from Boots Pharmaceutical is of a high standard and quality.

Where To Buy Boots Appetite Control

In store at selected branches via the high street, a one month supply will cost around £35.00

Boots have several other own brand slimming pills currently in circulation.

Recommended Diet Pills

Buy PhenQAlthough Boots Pharmaceuticals are a reputable brand we recommend a different product – PhenQ.

PhenQ has many benefits, it can help burn fat, block the absorption of new fat and also reduce appetite.

PhenQ has a 2 month money back refund policy and is delivered free of charge anywhere in the world.

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