Aspire Slimming Drink Review

Aspire is the low calorie slimming drink recently introduced said to help slimmers burn up around 200 calories per can.

It is available in just Cranberry flavour and can best be described as a refreshing soft drink.

Upon its introduction it was featured in several high profile publications including the Daily Mail that ran a story called “Diet Drink That Can Help Burn 200 Calories Per Day

  • Aimed at burning around 200 calories a day
  • Contains 5 calories (Kcals) per 100ml
  • Natural ingredients included in contents
  • One can provides a natural source of vitamins
  • Cranberry flavoured and lightly carbonated

Aspire Proof of Effect

Recently an experiment was performed at Leeds Metropolitan University who published the results of the effect caused by introducing Green Tea, Caffeine, amino acid and ginger at the same time in one formula ad if it cause a thermogenic effect.

Thermogenesis is the process whereby the body produces more heat to digest food and raises the metabolism expending more calories simultaneously.

The results although deemed authentic were rather limited and only featured 20 subjects – 11 men and 9 women. It has been suggests that the trial was too smal to draw any kind of typical conclusion.

Does Aspire Work – It is Worth Trying

Certainly has some evidence attached to it and worthy of using a part of your calorie controlled diet.

If you have serious ambition then it is worth investigating and investing in something else to at least compliment.

Where To Buy Aspire Slimming Drink

Currently priced fluctuate from £1.59 to around £2.00 per can. Holland and Barrett and Waitrose in store are the best choice for purchasing.

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