Unique Hoodia New Improved Formula

Unique Hoodia is regarded to be the premier brand Hoodia capsule on both sides of the Atlantic in no small part due to its potency, certification and purity.

Unique Hoodia was proud of its “unique” status of only containing pure hoodia powder and still adheres that concept – but not another ingredient has been included.

Bioperine is a revolutionary extract from the Piper Nigrum plant that increases the absorption of Hoodia by 30% .

This means the appetite suppressing effect happens faster than before. Bioperine has been clinically proven to be safe and extremely effective.

We cannot emphasise enough that if you are planning on taking a Hoodia capsule or natural appetite suppressant then Unique Hoodia should be high on your list.

Unique Hoodia remains not only the premier brand Hoodia capsule but also offers outstanding value at £17.00 per box for a 6 months supply.

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