Best Slimming Pills From Boots

Boots Slimming Pills Buyers Guide

The UK street has arguably the most trusted source of health and medicinal products on the planet. No other country comes close to having an institution such as Boots the Chemist.

Boots has a reputation for providing consistant and unbiased healthcare for over one hundred and fifty years (yes 150 years – seems unbelievable) and defines Britishness.

If you are considering buying or using a slimming pill then there is a pretty good chance you have either been into a Boots branch or browsed their online store.

Before you dive in we should just highlight the 3 main types of diet pills that you can buy over the counter. Firstly there is the fat burner, then the fat blocker and last but not least is the appetite suppressant. Of the 3 we would suggest looking at appetite suppressants (or weight loss pills that offer all 3 types of weight los benefit). This is a good article here that touches on appetite suppressants and multi benefit diet pills.

Below is a list and brief description on what are considered to be the best selling, most popular and most effective slimming pills sold via Boots.

Boots Carb Control – an own brand slimming product (Boots Pharmaceuticals), other products in the range include Metabolism Support, Appetite Control, Fat Control and Triple Action Slim Aid.

Carb Control is available to buy without prescription is classed as a Carb Blocker. It is a natural slimming aid said to help the reduction of dietary fat from being consumed an reducing carbohydrate intake.

This method is a very effective methodology that is employed by a number of premium quality slimming pills in circulation

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XLS Medical Fat Binder  – a third party, non Boots brand that has had some very agressive marketing and PR attached it.

Singer Mica paris was used a the face and body of XLS after shedding 4 dress sizes – something she attributes to XLS Medical fat Binder.

XLS Medical Fat Binder is also called the XLS Diet Pill is a big seller at Boots and shares similarities with a number of other premium quality slimming pills.

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TurboSlim ChronoActiv – nicknamed the ‘French Diet Pill’, it follows a rather left field theory of Slimming Chronobiology. This is the reasoning that certain times of the day effects the slimming process

TurboSlim ChronoActive has some decent natural ingredients such asGreen Tea Extract and Green Coffee Extract.

We are yet to review this product but clicking the link below will take you a third party website to read an unbiased review.

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Boots Carb Control

Boots Carb Control Slimming Pills

Boots the chemists are well known for stocking slimming pills. They stock both third party and their own brand.

Carb Control is the latest addition to their ever growing portfolio of own brand products.

Taking on too many carbohydrates on a daily basis can have a profound effect on your weight if you do not exercise or are not as mobile as perhaps you should be.

Carbohydrates are essential, they provide our body with the necessary energy (fuel).

When your body takes on too many carbohydrates (from foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc) the additional energy that can be used straight away gets converted into fat and stored for later use.

Boots Carb Control Key points

  • Boots Carb Control comprises of a glycoprotein complex, that can decrease the amount of dietary carbohydrate that are digested and absorbed on a daily basis
  • Ideally used in tandem with a calorie controlled diet together with an active lifestyle it may help you lose weight
  • Your pharmacist or doctor can help with advice and support on lifestyle changes and healthy eating.
  • For weight management.

Boots  Carb Control Is Best Suited To

Carb Cravers: People who eat excessive amounts of carbohydrates followed by hunger pangs and energy slumps.
Energy Eaters: People who crave high carb intakes to fulfill energy demands and satisfy appetite.
Disorganised Eaters: People with a hectic lifestyle which leads to eating or on the go and consumption of carbohydrate heavy foods.
Does Boots carb Control Cause Side Effects

Does Boots Carb Control Cause Side Effects

Should not cause any adverse reaction if taken as directed.

Where To Buy Boots Carb Control

In store at Boots is the most obvious and likely.

Is Boots Carb Control Recommended

Buy PhenQCertainly worth considering but not over and above PhenQ the multi action diet pill from Bauer Nutrition that recently caused a media frenzy and even made the national newspapers by claiming to stop carb absorption by over 80%.

PhenQ has a growing list of real life customer testimonials

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