Veloxium UK Review

Veloxium is the new once a day slimming pill that is targeted towards helping you to control your appetite, burn existing fat and block any additional fat from being added to your system.

It also has antioxidant properties.

With so many benefits and ingredients packed into this capsule its wonder if there is enough of any one ingredient to be truly effective.

How Does Veloxium Work

Veloxium works by introducing a 3 step process.

The first step is by reducing your cravings for foods. Hoodia Gordonii is used to act as an appetite suppressant.

The second step after limiting your daily consumption of food is to naturally boost or raise your metabolism.

It is estimated that women require around 1800 calories per day to function healthier with men needing slightly more (around 2200).

Any more calories taken on daily can be considered superfluous and can lead to an excess build up of body fat

The third step is to block the absorption of fat from food consumed – Whenever we eat food high in fat or calories, such fast foods, red meat, dairy products or rich carbohydrates, our bodies immediately begin to store the calories and add them to our existing fat stores.

The active ingredients within Veloxium can help to stop of portion of the fat content from entering your system.

What is In Veloxium

Veloxium is a blend of Hoodia Gordonii and Green Tea

Any Reported Side Effects

As yet there is nothing to cause concern, but this product is a new introduction so advised to use with caution.

Where To Buy Veloxium UK

It is non prescription and so can be purchased without GP administration. It does not appear to be available via the high street yet.

However it is available to buy direct via the official website.

Is Veloxium Recomended

Its hard to give Veloxium a full recommendation due to its short existence.

Looking Elsewhere

The two prominent ingredients are Hoodia and Green Tea.

To gain maximum benefit from the appetite suppressing qualities of Hoodia is highly advised to use a dedicated appetite suppressant.

Green Tea is an effective burner but there are several other products than can offer a more potent fat burning solution.

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