Carb Block Review

Carb Block is meant to help you where bagels, lasagne’s or pancakes are irresistible. This new and “revolutionary” dietary aid claims to stop your body from digesting carb calories by “blocking” them.

Once the carbohydrates are blocked, dieters do not have to deal with the rush of sugar that invariably comes after a meal. Users can still, apparently, stick to a reduced carb diet, and not miss out on eating their favourite foods

The manufacturers state that their supplement will halt the digestion of sugars and carbs into the body, stopping any surges of insulin that might come after meals or snacks.

Carbohydrates are found in foods such as: biscuits, pastries and cakes, pizzas, sugary processed breakfast cereals, white bread, white flour, white pasta and white rice.

What could be in this “revolutionary” product that will permit it to get rid of any need for self-control? Exactly the same substances which are found in many other similar products on the market, that usually have names like “Carb Destroyer” or “Carb Terminator”.

Included in the ingredients is: Vanadium, Chromium, Phaseolin EX – aka White Kidney Beans Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Gymnemalin. Phaseolin EX allegedly hinders the function of the enzyme responsible for the digestion of carbs. Gymnemalin & Chromium effect the amounts of insulin to lessen blood sugar anomalies. Vanadium & Alpha Lipoic Acid both apparently help the body to control glucose.

The makers of Carb Block claim that these components make their supplement complete, and permit users to cheat when adhering to a diet program. The problem is that no proper clinical data is offered in support of this claim. Also, there is a noticeable lack of positive customer comments online, and hardly any sites selling Carb Block make any kind of guarantee.

Carb Block Benefits

  • Affordable, sixty capsules cost just £25.00
  • Contains ingredients that are healthy, like Chromium & Magnesium

Carb Block Drawbacks

  • Formula does not appear to incorporate a metabolism booster or appetite suppressant
  • Clearly a bog-standard product masquerading as original and fresh
  • No refund guarantee or free trial is provided by the manufacturer
  • There is not much, if any, positive customer feedback for Carb Block

Carb Block Summary

Slimming down is usually a challenge. If a product did exist that enabled dieters to ‘cheat’, without needing to worry about weight gain, then that would be great. But, no evidence is there to indicate this. Carb Block has attempted to place a new label on a pre-existing blend of substances, and call it “revolutionary”, believing that this will entice some individuals to jump on the bandwagon.

Recommended Carb Blocker

Meratol is arguably the most comprehensive of the current crop of carb blockers.

With a glowing testimonies from major sections of the world media, Meratol was billed as the ‘Pill that keeps the stars slim” with reference to its stellar customer base.

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