Cameron Diaz And Slimming

Slimming And Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz, the beautiful Hollywood actress is proud of her slim and slender body. Cameron did not always possess a perfect body.

Her interest in having a shapely body started when she had to acquire a well-toned and a slim body for her movie Charlie’s Angels.

Thereafter she started maintaining a regular exercise program and a planned diet. For the film she had to go through a vigorous martial art training.

Before the film she had never exercised as she associated it with discomfort. For Charlie’s Angels she had to workout for three months regularly for five days in a week.

This made her body strong, and she realized the value of regular exercise. Now she goes to the gym to work out on an elliptical trainer for 30 minutes. Another 30 minutes she devotes to reverse lunges, light weights, and pilates.

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Cameron is very fond of golfing and other sports like hiking and snow boarding.

Cameron breaks down her meals into six parts. She believes in having protein-rich diet.

For breakfast she likes to have chicken or beef, broccoli, egg, garlic rice, and lemon. For lunch she prefers to have chicken or beef and salad. For dinner Cameron eats mushroom, tomato, onion, and egg. In between she takes protein shake with water, nuts, and fruits.

Cameron admits that she eats junk food at times but insists that it is done in moderation.

At times she follows what she calls reverse diet. In this, she eats a heavy breakfast, normal lunch, and a small dinner.

Whenever she feels that she needs to drop some extra weight she has low calorie broth soup of vegetables before dinner.

Britney Spears And Slimming

Slimming And Britney Spears

Britney Spears, the famous teen singer became an international star with her ‘Baby One More Time’ in 1998-1999 when her singles album topped the chart for two weeks.

Soon this immensely popular singer had put on a lot of extra weight and let herself go after her pregnancies and personal problems.

She needed to follow a strict discipline in her diet and physical training.

Britney was very fond of her mother’s cooking which was high on carb and calories.

Other than that she was addicted to junk food, fizzy drinks, and chips.

During pregnancy she ate lots of chocolates and bags of cheetos. As a result she looked all bloated.

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As she recovered from pregnancy she was keen to get back to shape. She started on personal training. She has apparently lost 12 pounds in two weeks by vigorous training and diet control.

She has been visiting a gym four times a week. With the help of her personal trainer she has been working on treadmill and spinning bike which burns up extra calories.

As for her diet she has totally cut down on booze. She follows a nutritious diet of protein rich food.

She takes six small meals a day with eggs, ham, seafood, tofu, and chicken. Protein helps in metabolism. It also makes one feel full. This leads to less eating and less craving.

Britney has also cut down on sugar as it adds to calories. She even avoids fruit juice. She tries to keep to 1200 calories per day with just a turkey burger for lunch or egg whites for breakfast.

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