Chewable Alli

Alli is a unique slimming pill, it is the only chemically produced slimming pill that is available to buy without the need for a prescription.

Alli is manufactured by pharmaceutical juggernaut GSK and has made all concerned an absolute fortune with its unique position in the market.

Upon its release it was met with a mixed reception as there was one particular issue with a rather embarrassing end result that somewhat muddied its arrival.

This issue was coined the “Alli oops”

Now Alli is available in a new format – a chewable slimming pill
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Is Alli Worth Taking

As touched upon above, When Alli was first made available, it had one issue that caused mush debate and controversy. On the face of it it seemed to be one small irritating issue that a few customers experienced but lead to many forum discussions.

This issue was know affectionately the “Alli Oops” and was a reference to a rather embarrassing anal leakage problem.

Alli has a mechanic of action whereby fat that is consumed is prevented (or a portion) from being digested by the stomach – the fat that is not digested passes naturally through the body and exits as you would expect – but the problem was it often lead to just a moments notice and sometimes left the user with soiled under garments.

Contrary to popular belief, Alli is not a miracle slimming pill. It’s a clinically researched slimming drug that is expressly to be used in conjunction with a sensible eating plan to help your own weight loss efforts.

It is claimed by the manufacturers that by adding alli to a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet it can increase your weight loss efforts by 50%.

In other words  for every 2 lb (1 kg) you manage to lose from eating healthily, adding Alli can help you lose 1 lb (1/2 kg) more.

Where To Buy Alli

Alli is available to buy from most chemists and high street pharmacies. Although it is classed as non prescription each potential customer will still have to complete a questionnaire detailing some general question about lifestyle etc.

Alli is also available to buy online from registered and authorised chemists – this route is perhaps the most straightforward and least problematic.

Currently Chemist Direct have a very tempting offer.

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