Chili Pepper Thermo Slimming Pills

Holland and Barrett have introduced a new slimming pill to their already impressive range of weight loss products.

Chili Pepper Thermo – a slimming pill that utilizes the concept of cayenne pepper to burn fat.

The media over the last few years has written many column inches highlighting the positive effect chili pepper can have towards burning excess body fat and ultimately weight loss.

This has spawned many slimming pill products containing some form of chili pepper.

So What Of Chili Pepper Thermo

There appears to be very little information surrounding this product bar a brief detail of the ingredients. Apart from chili pepper there is green tea, caffeine and ginger root.

For give this rather weak review – there is a product that is become synonymous with the whole chili pepper slimming genre – this product is Capsiplex.

Its hard to review a product and give it a fair representation when the industry leader exists and has a rather impressive story.

Capsiplex was one of the first slimming pills created using cayenne pepper as a main ingredient – such was the success of its introduction that many stockists as well as the official website sold out after three days. It has now sold a reported 1.5 million bottles worldwide.

Several British newpapers ran the story with one even headlining the story on the front page.

If you are tempted to experience the fat burning benefits of a chili pepper slimming pill there is only really one choice.

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