Patentrim Review

Patentrim is a slimming pill that is designed to help you lose weight naturally.

Like hundreds of other diet pills on the market, Patentrim is formulated using a combination of well-known ingredients that help to support the loss of weight by modifying the way your body reacts to hunger and processes the food you eat.

There is nothing new about the formulation of Patentrim except that you are taking much larger quantities of these compounds with this product than you are with others.

While this may seem like a good idea to help you lose the weight you need more quickly, it may also have some other dangerous side effects for certain people.

How Does Patentrim Work

Like many other diet solutions, Patentrim tries to help you lose weight in a number of ways. The various ingredients in the product affect certain body functions to maximize the weight loss of any standard diet. For example, ChromeMate is a compound that is designed to increase the effect of insulin and help you burn off stored fat in your body more quickly.

This stored fat is often the most difficult to lose as it’s the last thing your body converts to energy when you exercise. Including ChromeMate in the Patentrim formulation means that you will see better results from normal exercise and may lose more weight in a shorter timeframe.

The challenge is that this compound affects your body’s insulin levels, which can be dangerous for people that have diabetes. Because of this you should always check with your doctor to make sure that a diet pill like Patentrim is right for you.

Another popular ingredient  included in Patentrim is green tea extract. This compound helps to speed up your metabolic rate and will cause your body to lose more weight with the same physical activity.

Most other diet pills include half the amount of green tea that Patentrim contains and this higher does should improve its effects. Again, the challenge is making sure your body can tolerate this increased dosage without suffering any negative side effects.

To help curb your appetite, Patentrim contains a compound called SuperCitrimax that will reduce your hunger as you diet. This is very important since the less hungry you feel, the less food you’ll consume.

While this won’t necessarily help you lose the weight you already have any more quickly, it will keep you from adding new weight as you work towards your diet goals.

This suppression of hunger is the one thing that many other diet pills miss and the reason their programs fail. Because you’re eating less naturally as part of any diet, your hunger trigger can be stronger and more persistent than normal. Having a compound like SuperCitrimax included in your diet pill will help lower the temptation to eat and generally make you less hungry.

Does Patentrim Work  – Is It Worth Buying

The main problem with Patentrim is that it doesn’t really bring anything new to the world of dieting and is slightly more expensive than many other products that provide the same formulations.

The higher doses of these compounds that Patentrim provides have never been proven to increase the effectiveness of the product and may actually pose a threat to some consumer’s health as they react with other exiting physical conditions.

If you want to use a formulation like Patentrim, you can find a similar product that has offers the same results for a lower cost with a proven track record of success.

Who Stocks Patentrim In The UK

Very much an online product, sales and orders are directed via the official website. Boots, Superdrug and Tesco and the usual UK high street slimming product stockists are unlikely to be vendors.

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