LipidBurn Review

LipidBurn is a new commercial slimming pill released that supposedly has the blessing of a doctor and herbalist – although at time of writing we cannot  pinpoint who the doctor or the herbalist actually is.

LipidBurn is apparently featured and highlighted on National Geographic, CBS and the BBC – again not wishing to doubt but we cannot find a single reference of linking the slimming pill with any of the aforementioned organisation.

Another puzzling thing is the brand name does not appear on the merchandise – preferring instead to display “Svelte GVC 45”.

What Is LipidBurn

It is a multi purpose non prescription slimming pill designed to suppress appetite and reduce cravings while increasing the metabolism. The main active ingredient appears to be green coffee.

“LipidBurn appears to be only available via FREE Trial – sometimes Free Trials are anything but – Beware”

LipidBurn Side Effects

There does not appear to be any ingredients listed that are proven to cause side effects.

LipidBurn Testimonials

Not a lot, even the various forums are quiet.

Does LipidBurn Work

There are several things that dont quite add up about this product. We may be doing them a massive injustice, but until more information surfaces it wouk\ld be wise to refrain from purchasing.

Where To Buy LipidBurn UK

Seems to be only available to buy from the official website. The only purchasing option is via Free Trial. Free Trials do not usually mean free – most free trials have small print that should be scrutinised prior to signing, the most common free trial involves an auto ship program which is very easy to commence but proves problematic to stop.

Free Trials should be avoided – so should LipidBurn

Other Slimming Pills To Consider

Nuratrim is everything that Lipidburn is not. Nuratrim has been featured in the press and hails from a very credible manufacturer.

Nuratrim combines 4 effective ingredients and can suppress appetite and increase the rate in which the boy burns calories.

More about Nuratrim