Slinky Slimming Pills

Femme Slender Slinky Review

Slinky Slimming PillsSlinky is the celebrity slimming pill – or diet of the stars. That is according to Femme Slender, the company behind Slinky.

Reviews and testimonials from the official Femme Slender website does not relate to any slimming success stories from any real major celebrities though.

Slimming Pills that actually work is the tagline that grabs the attention. So, does Slinky by Femme Slender actually work.

What Are Slinky Slimming Pills

Marketed as a two amazing slimming pills in one – a Fat Burner and a Fat Blocker. Slinky is another slimming pill that claims to be the world’s first.

Slinky is targeted towards women who do not have enough time to be able to eat right all the time.

Ingredients Of Slinky

  • Chitosan
  • Piccolinate
  • Chroromium
  • L Carnitine
  • Betaine
  • Inositol
  • Methionine
  • Choline Bitartate

How Does Slinky Work

Slinky is quite unique in so much as the compound is a fat burner with a fat blocker in one tablet.

The fat burning compound of this product is not explained in detail and so cannot be delved into with any great authority.

Chitosan is included in the list of ingredients – Chitosan is derived from shellfish and to date has not much by way of clinical proof – certainly not on humans anyway. More about Chitosan here.

The main emphasis seems to be fat blocking – fat blocking (aiding the reduction in the absorption of fat intake) is highly effective. Whether Slinky is strong enough is another question.

Slinky Side Effects

None reported although the Chitosan ingredient is as yet untested on humans.

Does Slinky Work

Not a slimming pill to pin your hopes to.

Other Slimming Pills To Consider

Unique Hoodia – a pure form Hoodia slimming capsule designed to suppress appetite and lessen the feelings of hunger before and during meals.

If you are look for long term and sustainable calorie reduction, this is it.

Hoodia is regarded to be one of the most effective natural appetite suppressants in existence with over a decade of history in the commercial market place.

All Hoodia products are not the same.

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Chitosan Diet Pills

Chitosan Fat Blocker Slimming Pills

Chitosan is a fairly common component found in a high proportion of commercial over the counter slimming pills. This review doesn’t highlight any specific brand but discusses Chitosan and its benefits to weight loss.

Chitosan is quite unusual in so much as rather than use herbal extracts as a main ingredient it combines extracts of fish – shellfish to be exact, typically crabs, shrimps and other small crustaceans. It is a fibre complex that belongs to the fat blocking genus of slimming pills.

How Does Chitosan Aid Weight Loss

Chitosan supossedly works along similar lines to fat blockers and fat binder such as the prescription only Xenical and the commercial Proactol.

It is claimed that using Chitosan as part of your daily diet a large proportion of the fat consumed will be blocked at source and not absorbed by the body. As with most pre-emptive slimming pills it is not essential to alter your diet – but the obvious weight loss effect will greatly enhanced if you do!

Is Chitosan Effective For Slimming

As mentioned previously, the theory is sound – for fat blockers and fat binder. The method that Chitosan however, is not. The theory has only ever been carried out on animals and as yet no clinical evidence exists so say with any great certainty whether it will be effective for humans – or safe!

The typifies the diet pill market and its angst to produce a slimming pill and rush to push it it out to the open market. Chitosan’s use of the exoskeleton of shellfish rather than herbal extract is bold but dangerous considering the lack of clinical evidence.

Side Effects Of Chitosan

As yet not much data exits so it is impossible to state what the possible side effects could be.

Should I Buy Chitosan

At present it is highly recommended to not buy Chitosan until medical, clinical and scientific research has been compiled and presented.

Alternative Slimming Pills

Proactol Plus is a superior fat binder with clinical data and certification.

Medically backed worldwide by leading health officials, such as Dr J Gruenwald, author of over 150 medical publications, and well regarded Pharmaceutical professional Will Davis. No other slimming can match this level of medical backing.

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