Arctic Diet Slimming Pills Review

The Arctic Diet is the latest slimming product to come from Scandinavia.

It uses the concept of seaweed encapsulated in a slimming pill or a diet supplement.

Arctic diet should arrive in the UK soon.

What Is The Arctic Diet

Basically a slimming pill that is produced from Norwegian brown seaweed – Fucus Vesiculosus that is found naturally and grown above the Polar Circle. It is harvested during the period of the midnight sun.

The seaweed is extremely rich in important amino acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants such as Fucoxanthin, Fucoidan and Alginate.

It has been thought for sometime that seaweed can have a positive on suppressing the appetite.

There is not an awful that can be said on the subject as this product is still very new. We will have revisit the Arctic Diet at a  later date.

Utilising seaweed in slimming pills in not a new concept. There is a product called Appesat that also shares the the same philosophy

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