FulFill Plus Slimming Pills Review

FulFill PlusHolland and Barrett are stocking a new over the counter slimming pill aimed at tackling obesity and weight control.

Fulfill Plus is the new non prescription medical device treatment that offers a convenient and safe way to control your appetite.

Appetite suppressants are extremely beneficial to anyone wanting to lose weight but often find it hard to resist the temptation of snacking between meals or eating a larger meal portion than perhaps they should.

What Is FulFill Plus

Fulfill Plus includes the natural ingredient Indian Isphagula Seed (Plantago Ovatae) that when introduced to the fluid in the stomach creates a gelatinous mass which produces a sensation of fullness (suppresses appetite. This increases the feeling of satiety and assists in regulating your appetite.

FulFill Plus Success Stories

FulFill Plus was recently featured in the Daily Express and highlighted a weight loss success story that involved a a woman who managed to lose her baby weight after the birth of her second child.

FulFill Plus success stories

Read Michelle’s Weight Loss Success Story

FulFill Plus Side Effects

In rare cases hypersensitivity reactions may occur. An increase in  the volume/or softening of bowel movements can also occur.

Where To Buy FulFill Plus

Available to buy from Holland and Barrett both in-store and from the official website. Currently 1 bottle containing 120 capsules (enough for one months supply) costs around £36.00 – Visit Holland & Barrett

The cheapest supplier however is HealthSpark – prices start at £31.00 for a one months supply.