Exenatide Is It Available Yet In UK Stores

A new slimming drug (Exenatide) appears to be on the horizon after scientists at the University of Gothenburg stumbled across a side effect of the venom from the Gila lizard could actually cause satiety and reduce food cravings.

Although the initial expermiments were far removed from connections to the weight loss industry attention seems to swung in that direction.

The saliva from the Gila lizard could create a a new slimming drug that would benefit the obesity problem that is currently gripping not just the UK but the whole civilized world.

Another use is thought to be an ability to reduce the dependence and craving for alcohol. It could be that Exenatide may become the ultimate abstinence drug.

The Gila lizard is the biggest lizard in North America. Although it is venomous and poisonousit is slow-moving and represents little threat to humans.