Lipo XR Review

Lipo XR is another slimming pill to hit the market and it is presented as an effective and safe dietary supplement for both sexes of every age group. It claims to be the perfect tool for fast body fat reduction with its’ extended release pills containing “unique” and “clinically proven” ingredients.

The website states that the product will aid appetite suppression, reduce fat accumulation, stimulate the metabolism and burn calories.

Although the product is said to be the result of “lengthy research” and use the “latest technologies”, no details are given about the company conducting the research or the research itself.

A company address in Belgium is listed, along with a telephone number and an online form to contact customer service – but nothing else about the history of their business is mentioned.

How Lipo XR works

Lipo XR contains 13 different and “exclusive” ingredients which are all meant to work together to efficiently burn calories and suppress your appetite. These ingredients are: Green Tea, Citrin HCA,  Guarana, ForsLean, Yerba Mate, Choline Bitartrate, L-Carnitine, Magnesium, BioPerine, L-Tyrosine,  Zinc, Chromium and Vitamin B6. Nonetheless, several of these ingredients do not work as well as is claimed on the product’s website:

Citrin HCA is far from proven to produce weight loss benefits, with the primary evidence supporting the merit of this substance based on a 2004 study on rats. Two separate studies in 2000 in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” and “Physiology and Behavior” however, both concluded that it did not suppress hunger or lead to significant weight reduction in human beings.

There is some evidence to suggest that ForsLean might have a minor impact on weight gain prevention, according to a 2002 study by Dr Richard Kreider. Although, the subjects involved in this study only experienced a slight decrease in their weight. The Lipo XR website, however, claims that this ingredient helps to build firm, strong abs which is not substantiated.

There is only limited evidence indicating that Guarana can reduce appetite.

A 45 day study by T. Anderson and J. Fogh in 2001 was not conclusive about the specific effects of Guarana in a group of subjects who had consumed a mixture of substances.


The glaring omissions on the product website about the credibility of the company and the research they have (apparently) carried out, mean that you have to take what they say about the benefits of the ingredients, and the nutritional information about the product, on trust.

There are also no customer testimonials and very little information about the product online beyond the company’s own website. They do offer quite reasonable discounts on the retail prices of the product for orders of 60, 120 and 240 tablets and there is a money back guarantee as well. But, if the product is ineffective then this does not count for much.

Overall, with the clear exaggerations on the product’s website about the ingredients’ effectiveness and the other informational short-comings, we will have to file this product under the could do better category.

Where To Buy Lipo XR In The UK

The official website appears to be the only stockist available to a UK consumer. Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barret, Tesco etc are unlikely to sell.

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