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Online Slimming store has finally launched with some very cheap and competitive prices for all the well known and popular slimming pill and diet tablet brands. are authorised to supply the following slimming tablets.

Alli Orlistat Fat Blocker

Alli Diet PillsAlli was introduced to the UK in the spring of 2009 amid a wave of publicity. High street stores such as Boots, Superdrug and Tesco’s were sold out of their initial stock levels within hours of the fat blocker going on sale.

Alli can stop the absorption of fat from food consumed it is clinically proven to help you lose 1lb of weight for every 2lb you lose… theoretically helping you lose an extra 50% of weight in addition to your own efforts!

Alli is available to buy as either a 42 pack (approx £19.00) or as an 84 pack (approx £34.00)

Purchasing Alli is not entirely straightforward – if you were to purchase from a high street store you are required to complete a form. If your BMI (Body Mass Index) is over 28 you are eligible, under 28 and you could be refused.

However, ordering Alli from is far less complex, a simple online form is required but does not present a potential embarrassment factor of having to be weighed in your local Boots or Tesco store.

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Lipobind Fat Binder

LipobindLipobind is quite probably the best known slimming pill available over the counter in Britain. It has been available to buy without prescription for several years without the need of a prescription.

Lipobind is a fat binder, the active ingredients are completely natural and can stop (just as with Alli) fat from being absorbed by your stomach.

Lipobind has many slimming success stories attached to it – both real life and the in the celebrity world with endorsement from former Eastenders actress Lucy Benjamin, TV personality Katie Hill and model Melinda Messenger amongst its advocates.

Lipobind can purchased for as little as £12.45 per packet.

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Appesat Appetite Suppressant

Appesat cheapAppesat is a natural appetite suppressant that can reduce your need and want to snack between lowering your daily calorie intake substantially.

Appesat is a natural slimming product based on seaweed – if taken before food the active ingredient can stimulate hunger ’sensors’ in the stomach wall, that  send a signal to the brain telling it that the stomach is full.

TV personality Vanessa Feltz claims Appesat was responsible for her recent slimming success.

Appesat can purchased for £17.00 per packet

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Proactol Fat Binder

Proactol Fat Binder Review

Proactol fat binderIt has been several months since the last Proactol review. Since its inception Proactol has created its place in the weight loss market in the UK, USA and across Europe.

Proactol can rival Lipobind for cost and effect – Lipobind is the best selling UK slimming pill with celebrity endorsement from TV presenter Katy Hill and former Eastenders actress Lucy Benjamin. But does best selling mean most effective?

Proactol on the other hand has just received a major award by gaining the status of Best Fat Binder and was recently voted one of the Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight in 2008 by successful dieters in a poll undertaken by the Daily Telegraph.

The UK commercial slimming pill market can sometimes be used as bench mark for the rest of the world and particularly the Unites States. Both Lipobind and Proactol are fast becoming the most talked about and analysed weight loss pills in existence.

Both are fat binders are both are remarkably similar in composition.

Below is a comparison that reveals the differences between Proactol and Lipobind


Available to buy almost everywhere – the marketing budget is huge.

This can be a good sign as consistency, history and public awareness (especially in the UK) point to a product that is here to stay. Boots, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett stock.

Lipobind Success Stories

Katy Hill weight loss success

Katy Hill is the celebrity endorsement behind Lipobind replacing Lucy Benjamin.

Katy reportedly lost over 4st while on Lipobind after giving birth to her baby daughter. Although it has come to light that only a reduction of 10lbs was a direct result of Lipobind.

ex Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin also attributes her weight loss success to Lipobind slimming pills.

Lipobind Accreditation

Lipobind is classed as Medical Device Type 1 and has the CE Mark of Approval

Lipobind is officially the UK’s best selling diet pill in its class. The guarantee period of 28 days is disappointing.


Proactol is mostly sold online direct via its own website.

Proactol has been in existence for over 3 years now and enjoyed an almost unprecedented launch success and has enhanced its reputation and consumer confidence year on year.

Proactol Success Stories

Proactol Success Story

Celebrity Fit Clubs Resident health and nutritionist and nutritional advisor is strong advocate of Proactol.

Proactol was featured in the Daily Telegraph as one of the Top 5 Ways To Lose in 2008

The Daily Express featured Laura Price who reportedly shed 6 dress sizes thanks to Proactol.

Proactol Accreditation

Proactol is a Medical Device Type 1, has a CE Mark of Approval, has approval from the MHRA and ERSP

Proactol has the longest money back guarantee period in the industry

From a pricing perspective Lipobind is cheaper for a smaller supply – but as soon as quantity is purchased Proactol is so much more cost effective.

Lipobind and Proactol Prices

The smallest quantity of Lipobind available to buy is 60 tablets costing 42p per tablet – the smallest quantity of Proactol available is 120 tablets costing 37p per tablet.

It is when bought in greater quantity that Proactol become so much more advantageous.

360 x Proactol tablets £104.48

360 x Lipobind tablets £143.17

Current Promotions

Lipobind are currently offering 3 boxes (180 tablets) for £69.95 – click here for Lipobind Promotion

Proactol are offering a 15% discount (quote CEBPR1 at checkout) and a FREE box – click here for Proactol Promotion


Lipobind Review

Lipobind Weight Loss Pills

Review of Lipobind Fat BinderLipobind is now officially the best selling slimming pill in the UK – it is sold in high street outlets such as Boots the Chemist,  Express Chemist as well as Holland & Barrett as well as its own managed online store and at a great price from many online stockists

Classed as fat binder it has been proven clinically for effect and safety and carries accreditation in the form of a CE mark of approval and has been classified as a Medical Device Type 1MDD 93/42/EEC

Lipobind is a completely natural slimming product in a similar vein to its closest competitors and is derived from a cactus extract.

Lipobind Special Offer £15.95

How Does Lipobind Work

Fat binders work by stopping a portion dietary fat from the food we consume from being absorbed into the stomach. This unabsorbed fat can the pass naturally through the body and exit via bowel movements.

Around 25% of fat can be stopped at source – so in theory a quarter of the fat you consume will not appear on your waistline, hips and anywhere else you do not want it to.

Rough estimated are that 150 calories can be removed during a standard sized meal.

Which is the best fat binder

Is the UK’s best selling slimming the most effective. Read More

Lipobind Slimming Pill Products

LIPObind Essential Weight Management Pack – contains
60 LIPObind Slimming pills
Four Weight Management Advice Booklets
Daily Diet and Exercise Diary and Pen
Multifunction Pedometer
Tape Measure

LIPOBIND Diet Pills Standard – contains
60 LIPObind Slimming Tablets

LIPObindVits – contains
LIPObindVits is the daily vitamin & mineral essential supplement to help maintain the body’s immune system. LIPObindVits contain 100% of the ECRDA (European Community Recommended Daily Allowance) of all your key vitamins and minerals in just one slimming pill.

Lipobind Testimonials and Success Stories

Former Eastender Lucy Benjamin and television and radio star Katy Hill both attribute the use of Lipobind to their weight loss success stories.

Does Lipobind Cause Side Effects

If taken as recommended should not produce any side effects.

Is Lipobind Recommended

Lipobind is an effective fat binder and it is no surprise it is the UK’s best selling slimming pill.

Pricewise it is a little on the expensive side considering Proactol is a similar product if not more potent and can work out half the price if purchased in quantity. More about Proactol here

Where To Buy Lipobind

Lipobind can be purchased online from Evolution-Slimming – currently offering a discount on quantity purchases.

Currently 1 box costs around £15.95

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