Lorcaserin Drop A Dress Size Pill

Lorcaserin is the new slimming pill that claims to help you “drop a dress size” in a matter of weeks.

A scientific study is nearing conclusion with the possibility that the product could go on general sale in under two years.

The clinical study on a focus group of overweight men and women lost an average of 8% of their body weight while using the product. The trial was performed on several thousand subjects one of the most extensive clinical trials ever to have taken place.

US based manufacturer Arena claims Lorcaserin can help you to suppress appetite while lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

At first glance Lorcaserin appears to be a slimming pill worth waiting for but experts in the industry are concerned that even more tests should be undertaken as there are still several safety concerns that will have to be addressed before the product is released to the general public.

Lorcaserin Side Effects

Some subjects who took Lorcaserin during the trial complained of headache, sickness and dizziness.

When Will Lorcaserin Be Available To Buy

Initial indications are that it will be available to buy without prescription in mid 2013. Boots, Superdrug and the major high street chemists being the most likely to stock.

Is Lorcaserin Worth Waiting For

Two years at time of writing is an awful long way away and could be considered unnecessary considering the quality of some of the slimming products that are already in existence.

Buy PhenQIt could be argued that the industry is not in need another miracle slimming pill with the likes of PhenQCapsiplex, Meratol and Proactol Plus already available and enjoying a high level of success.

Of the four alternatives perhaps PhenQ has the strongest evidence of efficacy with a large user base among a wide cross section of people.

PhenQ is a multi action slimming pill that can help burn and block fat while also suppressing appetite

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