ProCleanse Gold Colon Cleanser

After the recent media coverage highlighting the importance of maintaining colon health the question is not whether to use a colon cleanser – but which one.

The most obvious and first port of call is look at the product range from the likes of high street health stores such as Holland and Barrett.

The colon cleanser they seem to be promoting currently is ProCleanse Gold, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is formulated from wholly natural ingredients.

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ProCleanse Gold Ingredients

The formulation contains a carefully measured dose of herbal ingredients including Cascara Segrada, Fennel, Barberry, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger root, Dandelion root, Red Raspberry and Turkey Rhubarb.

Any Reported Side Effects

Nothing of any great consequence has been reported to date.

Where To Buy ProCleanse Gold

In store at Holland and Barrett is a good place to start, the product is rather pricey at around £40.

Is ProCleanse Gold Recommended

There does not appear to be any tangible information surrounding its finer workings and what to expect.

Its hard recommend ProCleanse Gold over and above the likes of Detox Plus from Evolution Slimming.

Detox Plus is half the price of ProCleanse Gold and in our opinion a better more effective product.

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