Reductil Prescription Slimming Pill Side Effects

Reductil Side Effects Heart Attack Warning

Reductil Sibutramine heart attacks side effectsThe prescription slimming drug Reductil has come under fire once from health watchdogs as the key ingredient, Sibutramine has been linked to side effects including heart attacks and strokes.

The European Medical Agency (EMA) has warned GP’s, doctors and healthcare practitioners to not prescribe unless absolutely necessary while an investigation takes place.

Reductil is a chemically produced drug that is targeted towards the critically obese and nor suitable for the casual dieter. It is unavailable to buy over the counter but can be purchased online via the web from some unauthorised portals. Health experts are warning potential internet buyers to refrain as not only could they expose themselves to health risk but there is a high probability of buying counterfeit goods.

Over the last decade the MHRA (Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Authority) has recorded over 2000 possible reactions to Sibutramine and there are calls in some quarters for the drug to be suspended.

How Does Reductil (Sibutramine) Work

The drug works by suppressing appetite, Sibutramine releases a hormone called serotonin that tricks users brains in to believing that are full. Sibutramine can also significantly raise blood pressure and potentially lead to stroke or heart failure.

Over the last 2 years a reported half a million obese patients were prescribed Reductil.

Most Commonly Prescribed Slimming Pill

The most commonly prescribed diet drug in the United Kingdom is Xenical. Recently a lower strength version of the slimming drug (Alli) went on sale over the counter that meant patients could buy without the need of a prescription.

Alli over the counterAlli contains Orlistat, a fat blocking ingredient that can prevent a percentage of fat from food eaten from being absorbed by the stomach.

Read more about Alli


Meridia Slimming Pills

Meridia Slimming Pills Review

Meridia Slimming DrugMeridia is aimed at the obese or dangerously overweight – it is a pharmaceutically engineered drug with absolutely nothing natural about it – Meridia is a weight loss drug and should not be taken by anyone who is uncomfortable with the idea of taking a drug to control weight loss.

Meridia is a prescription only weight loss drug that cannot be purchased on the open market or via the web.

Although prescription only if you try hard enough you could most likely find a website that will sell to you – this strongly advised against. Meridia is a very strong drug and should only be taken under strict supervision of a GP, doctor or healthcare professional.

Meridia is not available to just anyone via prescription – it is typically only prescribed to the obese or to someone with a high BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 30.

Xenical prescription slimming pillPossibly the most commonly prescribed slimming pill is Xenical.

Xenixal is 10 x more likely to be prescribed by a GP than any other. More about Xenical

What Is Contained In Meridia

Sibutramine hydrochloride is the active ingredient –

How Does Meridia Help With Weight Loss

Meridia is an appetite suppressant that works by reducing hunger and food cravings. The less food that is consumed, the less calories taken on board by the body.

Meridia Side Effects

As Meridia is a pharmaceutical grade drug (Sibutramine) there are side effects that are commonplace with such products. The common side effects associated with Meridia include.

  • Dizziness
  • Restlessness and Insomnia
  • Flu Like Symptoms
  • Stomach Cramps And Stomach Pain
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Increase In Appetite

The last side effect symptom is quite ironic – Meridia is an appetite suppressant manufactured to decrease hunger but in some cases it has been know to have the opposite effect and actually increase appetite which rather defeats the object.

More Severe Meridia Side Effects

  • Diarrhea
  • Bronchitis
  • Arthritis
  • Chest Pain
  • Blood Pressure Increase
  • Rectal Problems
  • Yeast Infection Of The Vagina

As with a majority of pharmaceutically produced drugs there is a price to pay – and Meridia certianly asks a heavy fee.

Does Meridia Work

Meridia is effective but the potential risk to health makes Meridia not ideal.

Alternative to Meridia

The natural world has Hoodia Gordonii – a natural appetite suppressant that is available to buy over the counter without the need for GP intervention or prescription.

Hoodia is free from side effects and can greatly decrease and reduce your calorie intake. More about Hoodia

Reductil Slimming Pills

Reductil Diet Pill Review

Reductil prescription slimming pillReductil or can be known by its active ingredient Sibutramine Hydrochloride Monohydrate has two methods to its to weight loss approach.

Firstly, this anti obesity medication affects the brain by transmitting messages between nerve cells that enhances fulfillment making the body feel fuller and negating the need for food intake. Similar to how appetite Suppressants work.

The second phase is by blocking fat absorption, similar in effect to how Xenical works.

Reductil is a very powerful anti obesity drug and should only be used in cases where a a person is dangerously overweight or obese.

Reductil is not a recommended weight loss pill for purely cosmetic reasons or anyone looking to drop a few pounds.

Reductil is aimed at the dangerously overweight – someone who has a high Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30 could be considered if all other methods for weight control have failed. Sufferers from type 2 diabetes are another group that can come under consideration.

Reductil Capsules can cause serious side effects and can be extremely detrimental to your health – thet should only be considered as a last course of action.

Side Effects Of Reductil

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Pins And Needles
  • Diarrhoea
  • Anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Depression
  • Impotence
  • Seizures
  • Kidney Disorders

Is Reductil Effective

Reductil can be effective as long as you understand the possible complications and problems that may occur.

Reductil is not a recommended weight loss tablet as better results can be achieved not only safer but quicker.

Alternatives To Reductil

Phen375 is prescription grade slimming pill but available to buy without.

Phen375 is manufactured in FDA approved facilities with all necessary accreditation and certification.

Phen375 is combination fat burner and appetite suppressant.

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