Hoodia Success Stories From Real People

Hoodia has been the direct cause of countless slimming success stories – the one observation that separates the UK Hoodia products from their USA counterparts is the lack of WOW factor.

Hoodia producers from the UK tend not to overhype or use extraordinary weight loss results or the unbelievable.

Celebrity endorsement is all very well and good but a celebrity that is not in need of weight loss help from the outset is hardly awe inspiring.

So what of real Slimming success stories – people like us who struggle to lose weight and are cynical to the extent of flat refusal to believe anything the market people of slimming pills manufacturers throw at us.

Hoodia Success Stories From Real People

Take Vanessa Gillett, a UKwoman in her 40’s from Wiltshire – not a trace of celebrity or privileged lifestyle. Just an ordinary mother who’s world collapsed when her long term partner and father of her children left.

She comfort ate – it was her only source of pleasure and in a few short months reached 17 stone.

Vanessa became distant and withdrawn – her weight was now a major obstacle to overcome – she comfort ate.

The straw that broke the camels back came when Vanessa was at work one day. Vanessa was an Insurance Clerk by day but she also had a part time job she loved – working in a bar.

It was her only opportunity to get dressed up, meet new people and socialise and feel good about herself. But even that was taken from her when the customers started to say rude, derogatory and unkind things about her size by making cruel jokes about her weight.

Slimming Success With Hoodia

Then one day while browsing the web Vanessa found Hoodia Gordonii– a natural herb extract that helps reduce cravings for food and curbs the appetite, naturally.

At last Vanessa could stop comfort eating, and start to get her figure back to how it once was.

“Before I started taking the Hoodia in September this year, I was 17 stone,” says Vanessa. “In just a couple of months I’ve lost nearly two stone – I can’t believe it!” she beams. “I weighed myself this morning and I’m 15 st 4lbs. What’s fantastic is I haven’t felt hungry at all, and although I am careful about what I eat, I don’t feel guilty if I have something naughty.”

Despite the amazing weight loss, Vanessa is not cutting meals and still eats three healthy meals a day – but the Hoodia has stopped the comfort eating and snacking between meals.

This is just one story of a real life weight loss success story – not a supermodel or celebrity just an ordinary woman.

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