90% Of Slimmers Cannot Stay On Their Diet

Startling new figures are showing that a huge majority of slimmers who started a diet or new healthy eating regime for the new year have stopped already. it ios estimated that 90% of dieters that started their slimming regime at the turn of the new year have now well and truly falen off the wagon.

Around two and half million (2.5m) people in the UK alone vowed to diet in 2012 – now only a fraction have to their pledge.

Approximately 40% of new dieters have  owned up to cheating just a few days in with nearly 60% admitting that the first sunday dinner of the new year was enough to end the good intentions.

The question remains just why is it so difficult to stick to a diet when we currently have more or choice than ever (in Great Britain specifically). We have got access to a wide variety of slimming products, diet programmes and weight loss techniques.

It could be argued that there is just too much choice and this adds to confusion.

The major reasons for stopping or quitting a diet are:

  • Hunger – the primary reason, some dieters think just by stopping eating it is the solution.
  • Boredom – another major reason, I’m bored therefore I’ll eat.
  • Temptation – absence makes the heart grow fonder – deprivation makes food even more appealing.
  • Alcohol –  a boozy night out often leads to late night binge eating

The overriding factor is that embarking on any kind of diet or health regime is not easy and some sacrifices have to be made.  Without some sort of clear objective failure is the most likely outcome. Will-power or rather lack of is of high significance and importance

Most diets fail at the early stages because the slimmer is either confused with the actual rules or did not realise just how much of sacrifice he or she would have to make. If its just complex to understand choose something where the rules are a little less mystifying.

It is important to note that more than one slimming technique can be employed simultaneously, slimming pills and slimming supplements are as popular now as they have ever been. The natural products can rival the effect of some of most potent chemically produced prescription slimming pills.

Given the choice it would be wiser to chose a slimming pill taken from the natural world.

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