Phenterex Slimming Pill Review

Pheneterex is a non-prescription slimming pill that has rather hype laden marketing material;

The official website claims it will make you lose weight rapidly with virtually no effort on your part. The manufacturers say: “There is no need for a change in your lifestyle. Let Phenterex do the work for you”.

This in itself does not ring true. All slimming pills work to their optimum efficacy when taken in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Furthermore, the fact that the website misleadingly advertises that 30 pounds or more can be lost, it implies that this happens more or less instantly.

What is in Phenterex

Phenterex contains Phenylethylamine, Irvingia Gabonesis, Mangoseed Extract, Synephrine, Chocamine, Humulus Lupus and Dicaffeine Malate.

How Does Phenterex Work

Phenterex is said to quell appetite and reduce daily calorie intake by up to 2000, burn fat quickly, raises the metabolism and blocks fat from being absorbed. It says that 80% of each pound lost by use of Phenterex is pure body fat.

The main ingredients Synephrine, is much alike ephedrine and works in the same way but apparently without the same harmful side effects. Trials have shown that this is not the case. Synephrine is an effective appetite suppressant however; it can cause raised blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Phenterex has a lot of side effects due to the high amounts of stimulants within the product, these include; Biliousness, indigestion,  sweating more than usual, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness and increased heart rate.

The manufacturers nonetheless, are not frank about these side effects on the official website and even in the FAQ section it does not list any potential side effects. It does advise its customers to get advice from a physician if they are receiving any other medical treatment.

Should I Buy Phenterex – Is It Recommended

The fact is that the manufacturers are secretive about side effects, giving off the idea that there are none when many people have reported them. Phenterex has no approval by the FDA or any medical verification. There is no evidence of clinical trials to verify its safety or effectiveness. Because of this, we believe that you should give Phenterex a miss.

Looking Elsewhere – Other Slimming Pills To Consider

Phen375 is pharmaceutical grade slimming pill that can be bought without the need of a prescription.

Phen375 is a fat burner and appetite suppressant that has been subjected to many clinical trials and has numerous independent success stories and testimonials attached to it.

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