Thermobol Review

Thermobol is produced by Maximuscle, one the market leaders in the sports and performance industry.

It is a fat burner that is based around natural ingredients and designed to maximise fat loss potential and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Maximuscle are responsible for several high profile body performance enhancing natural supplements and target a customer more centred around bodybuilding or sports-minded than the casual dieter or slimmer.

What is Thermobol And How Does It Work

Thermobol is a formula contained in an easy to swallow capsule that’s geared towards to help get the best out of time spend training or exercising. It is not a slimming pill or fat burner for lazy, for best results it is highly recommended you use only if you have particularly mobile lifestyle and exercise frequently.

The formula consists of natural and herbal based extracts – such as green tea, bitter orange, cayenne pepper (chili pepper), caffeine with guarana, Vitamin B1 and B12, l-tyrosine and chromium.

This combination of ingredients, according to the manufacturers are supported by extensive research.

Thermobol Side Effects

There should not be anything of any great severity experienced although high performance fat burners can have a tendency to cause a jittery sensation and potential restlessness.

Does Thermobol Work

As touched earlier, most products that wear the Maximuscle brand are of premier stock – Thermobol is definitely one for the shortlist.

Where To Buy Thermobol

can be purchased direct from the Maximuscle website – a 30 capsule supply will cots around £15 with a 90 capsule supply around £37

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Alternative Fat Burners

If Thermobol is targeted towards to the sports-minded and people more likely to partake in exercise then Capsiplex is the other end of the scale.

Coined the “slim at your desk slimming pill” by the media, Capsiplex has one ingredient in common with Thermobol – namely cayenne pepper.

Cayenne pepper (also known as capsicum, red hot pepper and a whole host of other descriptive terms) is considered to be one of the most important and significant discoveries in recent times.

Capsiplex contains cayenne pepper and more or less nothing else – it is said that taking Capsiplex on a daily basis is akin to 20 minutes of jogging or 40 minutes of cycling.

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