Special Offers From Tesco Diets

Tesco Diet lose 1 stone or money backTesco Diets offer one of the longest running and successful slimming plans available to UK dieters

The latest promotional offer is Tesco Diet Weight Loss Pledge

Lose a stone in 2 months or get a full refund – which really means if you don not lose your target amount of weight in a specific timescale they will give you back the membership fee.

Membership costs as little as £29.99 which will entitle you to 4 weeks access to the diet plan.

Join Tesco Diets For £29.99

“providing bespoke slimming plans, a personalised shopping list, as well support from registered nutritionists and dietitians plus access 24/7. You can also get your diet delivered straight to your door”

Tesco Diet Real Life Success Stories

Tesco Diets has been in existence for several years and is one of the most consistently successful and cost effective diet plans available to UK dieters.

There are many slimming success stories featuring real life and ordinary people – rather than the celebrity endorsed.

If this is the year you intend to seriously lose weight and keep it of for good – consider Tesco Diets

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