Xyphedrine Slimming Pill Review

Xyphedrine has a typically American look and feel to it with some highly convoluted explanation as to its finer workings

It is advertised as the strongest slimming pill available to buy over the counter and made using the results of a decade of clinical data – this whole NPY and CARTangle is starting to look a bit dated.

If you are new to the concept of NPY and CART this is a simple explanation.

“Xyphedrine inhibits the NPY neuropeptide, which signals eating behaviors within the brain, and stimulates the CART neuropeptide, which speeds the metabolism, delays gastric emptying and increases energy levels, to enable you to win the weight loss battle.”

Without wishing to completely dismiss Xyphedrine some of the included ingredients have got clinical data attached and do show some benefit to weight loss. It is the execution of the way the formula has been put together that can best be described as awry.

Xyphedrine Possible Side Effects

Although unlikely to cause anything too serious some complications have been documented including: headache, sickness, increased heart rate and anxiety

Does Xyphedrine Work

Premium fat burners cause the metabolic rate to increase and help the body burn excess fat without causing too much disruption. Lesser quality fat burners tend to cause the after effects or side effects without actually aiding the fat burning process. Xyphedrine falls into the latter category.

We cannot recommend Xyphedrine

Where To Buy Xyphedrine In The UK

The official website is most likely stockist – UK consumers should be aware that the product ships from the US and so potential shipping issues may arise.

Other Fat Burners To Consider

Its hard to look away from Capsiplex. The celebrity slimming pill has all but revolutionised the over the counter slimming pill market by introducing a quality product product that delivers on its promise.

The UK press, normally skeptical and hostile towards anything with some degree of success attached to it have written many column inches about the merits of Capsiplex.

Capsiplex has sold a reported 1 million units in its first six months of its arrival and is likely to be of the best selling non prescription slimming tablets of the year

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