Thinz Slimming Pills Review

Thinz Slimming PillsThinz is produced by Alva Amco Pharmacal Company and has a long history in the slimming pill market.

Thinz as a slimming pill brand doesn’t have a large web presence as you would expect from a stalwart of the slimming and diet market.

There are 4 slimming products that make up the Thinz range. Although only 3 are detailed on the official Thinz website.

The product range is

  • All Natural Caplets – Does not contain Ephedra and is completely drug free, preferring the natural ingredient to the pharmaceutically produced. The Thinz All Natural Caplet contains Green Tea Extract and comes bundled with the Thinz Diet Plan
  • All Natural Capsules – a very similar product albeit packaged slightly differently with a capsule rather than a caplet.
  • CarboFast – Utilising a carb blocking process and a nutrition based system. Does not state clearly what kind of carb blocking ingredients are present.

Side Effects Caused By Thinz

Should not result in any harmful side effects as an all natural approach has produce the chemical ingredients.

Do Thinz Slimming Pills Work

Devoid of any real information, consumer review both positive and negative are conspicuous by their absence.

Is Thinz Recommended

Hard to recommend when there are other slimming pills and diet products with lots more clinical data and accreditation.

Alternative Slimming Pills

Buy PhenQWe strongly recommend PhenQ – a natural but strong slimming pill that is suitable for everyone. PhenQ is a multiple action, this means it can help it’s users to burn fat, block unwanted new fat and suppress the appetite.

PhenQ is without gimmick, it has a long 8 week money back refund timescale and can be ordered online direct and does not incur a delivery fee.

Read about PhenQ in detail here