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Urban Health Acai Powder Sachets

Acai palm trees produce the acai berry fruits. Over hundreds of years, Native Americans have made this fruit a part of their diet, harvesting it annually.

But recently, the acai berry has made a name for itself more widely, because of its’ amazing concoction of health-encouraging nutrients, such as dietary fibres & mono-unsaturated fat.

Holland and Barrett’s Urban Health Powdered Acai arrives in a carton of 30 sachets, all containing premium, totally organic, powdered Acai which is grown in sustainable and small settlements in Amazon Rainforests.

Acai berry is known best as a fat reduction supplement, in light of the way it increases the metabolism. This comes about because of the substantial levels of antioxidants (components which halt cell decay & oxidative stress) it contains.

This causes a rapid fat breakdown, an increase in energy levels and a reduction in fatigue. All in all, this ensures that the fat reduction process is more straightforward, and avoids the side effects typically seen with synthetic chemicals.

Acai Powder Safeguards

Not all acai products are identical. Some manufacturing methods for producing acai berry supplements result in differing percentages of nutrients & purity overall.

The spray drying procedure employs warmth and severe chemicals to form acai powder, killing the majority of nutrients. Often-times, this process gets incorporated because it costs one tenth of the cash  required to freeze dry the acai. Acai manufactured like this is no good.

Holland and Barrett state that they care for their Acai to ensure that it will stay packed with the antioxidants, when you use it, that it possessed when it was grown. They state that:

  • Whilst the berries grow, no pesticides / herbicides are employed.
  • The goodness in the powdered acai is maintained by removing the water content at low temperatures.
  • They ensure the product stays fresh by limiting oxidation & light. They do this by packing the delicious powdered acai into user-friendly foil sachets.

Holland and Barrett maintain that this process results in a mixable drink, which provides you with essential omega fat, antioxidants, vitamins, crucial amino acids & fibre.

Generally, it is sensible to discover which drying process is employed with acai. Given that Holland and Barrett employ low temperatures, this should mean that the process occurs in an oxygen-less vacuum, preventing oxidative reactions from destroying the nutrients. This is the best means of protecting the raft of nutrients within acai. Each study validating acai’s nutritional significance was done on freeze-dried acai.

Urban Health Acai Powder Summary

Holland and Barrett are a trusted brand, and the restricted amount of customer testimonials about this supplement on the web have been encouraging. Consumers have stated that the foil sachets are easy to carry, and that they appreciate the ethical sourcing & strict manufacturing of the supplement.

But, potential consumers should not forget that the supplement ingredients are not completely certifiable, there are acai products that provide a beter alternative.

Recommended Acai Berry Diet Product

One of the best Acai products available to a UK consumer is Acai Plus.

Acai Plus is a capsule product made from legitimate freeze dried fruit – it is arguably the highest strength capsule in production.

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Pro Action Acai And Hoodia

Pro Action Acai And Hoodia Review

Hoodia and Acai are two of the most commonly searched for and commonly sold slimming products in not just the UK but the world over.

Its no great surprise to see a product emerge that includes both of these ingredients.

Pro Action Hoodia is complimentary product to Pro Action Acai (or is that the other way around), either way they can be purchased as twin pack or separately.

There are a number of reasons why this product should be overlooked.

Firstly, until recently the company responsible were offering a Free Trial – whereby you pay for delivery and get a sample pack of each product sent via the post. Although there is nothing ultimately wrong with this and is usual business practice in many industries a few bad apples have soured the free trial experience and many view this tactic as a bit old fashioned

It does appear that several complaints have been lodged against the company responsible which we shan’t comment for legal reasons.

Hoodia was an incredibly popular appetite suppressant and until recently was one of, if not the most frequently ordered natural appetite suppressants. The EU (god bless ’em) have decided that Hoodia can longer be sold be in the UK for reasons that are just too bewildering to explain in full.

So this pretty much ends the review of Pro Action Hoodia – you cant buy it the UK and the company responsible is a bit dodgy!

So What of Pro Action Acai

Acai is genuinely beneficial natural substance. It is classed as superfood, many believe that if you were to choose just one superfood it should be Acai.

The Acai berry can add so much to your health regime. It can help to control your weight, act as a detoxifying agent and even prevent and safeguard against disease.

With regard to Pro Action Acai, this does not appear to be a fine example of an acai product for reasons highlighted above.

A legitimate UK produced Acai product is Acai Plus – it understates and over delivers. It is available direct through Evolution Slimming, one the industries good guys.

We have reviewed this product previously.

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Acai Lipo Slimming Pill Review

Acai Lipo Slimming Pill Review

Acai Lipo is a prime example of the nearly defunct Acai Berry free trial offer. These kinds of offers flooded the Internet a few years ago, when thousands of people were scammed and put on an auto-ship program.

Acai Berry Free Trial Offers Explained

Acai Lipo run their free trial program in much the same way other free trials are orchestrated.All you need to do is to fill out your personal data (along with your credit card number) and you will be sent “free trial sample” of their product.

But what they neglect to inform you is that if you don’t cancel your subscription with them within a fortnight (or under) they will charge you full retail price of their slimming product and they will send you further bottles incurring a cost to you.

What Are The Acai Lipo Ingredients

Acai Lipo includes the following within the formula.

Acai Berry, Green Tea extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Grapefruit.

Unfortunately there is not a reference to any dosage or any specifics about the ingredients.

Acai is not just Acai – Acai needs to be freeze dried upon harvest. 90% of Acai products are ineffective because of this reason,

Does Acai Lipo Work

Whether it works is irrelevant – the free trial tactic is a complete non starter.

Is It Recommended

In one word …. NO

Better Alternative

Pure Acai Berry Max – A legitimate Acai Berry product that uses Freeze Dried Acia.

1500mg of fresh & freeze dried Acai Berry, all required certificates and 6 months money back guarantee. No auto ship program, no hidden fees, and no outrageous claims.

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