Green Coffee and the Slimming Connection

Dr Oz Green CoffeeEver since he proclaimed the discovery and importance of green coffee beans in the September 2012 episode “The Fat Burner that Works”, Dr. Oz has literally fanned the interest and excitement of nutritionists and dieters the world over. Even though the weight loss market is now a multibillion dollar industry, there are few products which can vouch for absolute or sure results. But the green coffee beans extract, said Dr. Oz can definitely make a difference in your weight loss efforts.

Green coffee beans are basically raw or pure forms of coffee beans before they are sent for roasting. When roasted the active ingredient in them, the chlorogenic acid breaks down and is lost. If you consume it in its greener form then you can benefit from the full effect of this active and powerful antioxidant.

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Green CoffeeIt works to limit glucose absorption which in turn greatly helps to combat weight loss. There is mention of green coffee bean consumption as long back as 1000 years ago in African and Arabian coffee history, as regular drink, as a hot drink similar to tea and even as coffee wine.

Found in the form of green coffee bean extracts in diet pills and supplements, these work effectively to aid in your weight loss efforts.  There have been many trials and studies conducted on green coffee beans and their efficacy.

A study funded by funded by Applied Food Sciences was presented at the American Chemical Society in San Diego. Conducted on 16 overweight men and women, this showed consumption of green coffee beans in supplement form as well as a placebo for 22 weeks. The end result showed an average of 17 pounds of weight loss in the participants.

Dr. Oz conducted his own study, this time on 100 women. It was seen that in 2 weeks the average weight loss among the participants, who took green coffee bean extract, was over 2 pounds, while those on placebo lost a little less than one pound.

green coffeeThough he did not associate himself with any brand or manufacturers, Dr. Oz did say how you can check whether the green coffee ban product that you are buying is an authentic one.

This would have at least 45% of chlorogenic acid in it which is marked in the label as GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or Svetol. He also warned users to avoid products which come with fillers, binders and additives and lesser green beans to reduce the price as pills with pure green coffee bean extracts will not come cheap.

Green Coffee Slimming PillsThe recommended dosage is 400mg per day and the pill is to be taken at least 30 minutes prior to a meal, preferably breakfast. He also mentioned that this is only meant for users above 18, for women who are not pregnant or nursing at the moment,

Among its many benefits he mentioned that green coffee beans will “burn fat fast for anyone who wants to lose weight.” It helps to burn away the stored body fat and prevents further absorption and storage of fats. It speeds up the metabolism and therefore the weight loss process showing positive results in just 2 weeks.

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