Seaweed Slimming Pills – Appesat

The Slimming Pill Made From Seaweed

Appesat seaweed slimming pillsThis year appears to be the year of the miracle slimming pill with several new products becoming available for eager consumer.

The latest is Appesat – a slimming pill that is rather uniquely made of seaweed extracts.

The company responsible Goldshield, would be the first to admit that Appesat is not strictly speaking new. It has been available to buy direct (from Goldshield) for several months.

Appesat now is available to buy over the counter at stockists such as Boots the Chemist, Holland and Barrett, Tesco and Sainsburys – it is sure make a fortune for anyone involved.

Fortunes aside, does Appesat really live up to marketing material – Can a slimming pill made from Seaweed really help you to lose weight.

How Does Appesat Work

A natural appetite suppressant made from a Bioginate Complex, which is a type of seaweed specific to the French Atlantic coast.

The formula can create a feeling fullness in the brain and also a more physical reaction by expanding in your stomach.

Industry experts are less than convinced by the clinical trials and suggested that….“There is very limited and poor evidence supporting it”

Where To Buy Appesat

As mentioned, you can buy Appesat in the high street from the usual suspects including the major health retailers such as Boots, Holland and Barrett, Tesco and Sainsburys as well as online from the manufacturer direct costing approx. £20.00 for 50 capsules

Other Slimming Pills To Consider

The slimming pill with arguably the most interesting story is Capsiplex.

Coined the miracle slimming pill and the celebrity slimming pill (as well as a host of others), Capsiplex is considered to be the best selling diet product of the past year. Upon its introduction it sold 50,000 units with stockists selling put after just a few days.

Capsiplex is more than a story though, it has some compelling evidence – it has been responsible for countless slimming successes.

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Appesat Slimming Pills

Appesat Appetite Suppressant

Appesat natural slimming pillAppetite suppressants are one of the most popular types of slimming pills. The most commonly known are products that contain Hoodia Gordonii.

Appesat does not contain Hoodia, but is an appetite suppressant nonetheless – and is not a bad product.

The company responsible for production are Goldshield – a health industry stalwart that have brought Lipobind to the UK market as well as a whole host of other health products.

What Is Appesat And How Does It Work

Appesat contains a Bioginate Complex which is a patented fibre complex extracted from the seaweed Laminaria digitata.

This has been carefully harvested from farms on the French Atlantic coast. Or to give a more simple explanation – a natural appetite suppressant.

Most appetite suppressant use powder extracted from cactus like plants – Appesat somewhat bucks the trend by using a herbal compound from a wet place (the sea) rather than a plant indiginous to hot dry dessert like areas.

The active ingredient in Appesat (Bioginate Complex) has been scientifically researched and subsequently developed to be resistant to acid and bile in the intestines  and remain active for long periods.

If taken before food the active ingredient can stimulate hunger ’sensors’ in the stomach wall, that  send a signal to the brain telling it that the stomach is full.

Any Consumer Feedback and Customer Comments

As this is a relatively new product – it is hard to judge its impact at this point in time. There are several slimming stories starting filter through though.

Any Side Effects

Initial sign as are no health have been issued – it is advisable to refrain from using while either expexting a baby or breastfeeding.

Is Appesat Recommended

There are not that many over the counter slimming pills that have been give approval by the UK medicine regulators –  Appesat has the approval.

Where To Buy Appesat

You can buy Appesat direct from – a leading UK based online weight loss product supplier.