Proactol Plus Slimming Pill Review

Proactol Plus Slimming Pills

Proactol has been available to buy without prescription for just over 5 years.

During its existence there has been a massive increase in competitive slimming pill products and not for the better.

The new EU directives (referencing certain over the counter products) coming into play mid 2011 will ensure that the effective, legitimate and certified products do not have to compete with the fraudulent and potentially dangerous.

Proactol XSProactol Plus has now superseded by Proactol XS. It is now authorised to be sol via the Bauer Nutrition website.

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In other words the “dodgy slimming pill” will slowly become a thing of the past as the industry is brought under tighter scrutiny.

“Proactol is recognized as one of the most trusted and certified slimming products sold on a worldwide basis.”

This is extremely bad news for at least half the brand names you have no doubt come across on the internet while researching the slimming pill you intend to invest time and money into.

But, extremely good news for the likes of Proactol, the natural fat binder that started from humble beginnings and now it recognized as one of the most trusted and certified slimming products sold on a worldwide basis.

What Is Proactol

Proactol is now Proactol Plus, the marketing people responsible have decided to reveal just how Proactol came to be. The story is quite an interesting one and full marks to them for displaying a more personal and open side to an otherwise faceless industry.

Proactol Plus is a clinically proven fat binder, the phrase clinically proven has been used by virtually every slimming product over the last few years and in most cases without substantiation.

Proactol has quite possibly the most accreditation, most documentation and legality associated with it compared to any other commercial no prescription slimming pill.

Proactol Plus has recently been improved upon and undergone even further medical studies (6 pre-clinical and clinical studies) and has maintained its certification as an approved medical device product (MDD 93/42/EEC).

Of course accredititation means relatively little unless it associated with a product that can deliver on its promise.

Procatol Plus delivers on its promise and has continued to do so for the past five years.

Why Use Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus offers the following benefits.

  • Bind up to 28% of dietary fat consumption
  • Decrease excess weight
  • Regulate your weight
  • Curb your appetite
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Cut down food cravings
  • Eliminate an extra 275+ calories everyday
  • Make you maintain a healthier lifestyle

Does Proactol Plus Cause Side Effects

It is highly unlikely to cause any side effects. In its entire history to date there has not bee a single documented case.

Is Proactol Plus Recommended

It is particularly hard to look outside of Proactol Plus

Where To Buy Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is only available via the Official Proactol Plus website and is available to buy without prescription,

Buying the more popular 3 month package gives you FREE delivery and a FREE BOX of  Pure Acai Berry Max – worth £40.

Every order of Proactol Plus comes with a 180-day money back guarantee, so if you are not completely satisfied you can ask for a full refund.

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Success Story With Proactol

Chat Magazine Features Proactol

ProactolProactol has featured in the press again – this time in women’s coffee time magazine Chat.

The story involves a mother of 3 who had unsuccessfully battled the bulge for the last few years after the birth of her children.

Samantha Pustulnik had tried many different diets including the Cabbage Soup Diet and the Maple Syrup Diet (Lemon Detox) that is favoured by Beyonce Knowles.

Nothing seemed to work for Samantha – her biggest downfall it would seem was the inability to resist temptation – she would regularly snack between meals.

That was until she discovered Proactol

“The appetite suppressant helped me to overcome those mid morning and mid afternoon cravings”

Samantha achieved her desired weight and apportions her success to the fat binding and appetite suppressing qualities of Proactol.

Samantha lost 2.5 stones in just a few short short months

Proactol can stop the absorption of up to 28% of fat from consumed and also help you to resist the temptation to eat between meals.

It is completely natural and does not cause any adverse reactions or nasty  side effects.

Proactol can be bought from the official website – currently using a voucher code CEBPR1 will entitle you to a 15% discount on 4 months supply and above.

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Proactol Fat Binder

Proactol Fat Binder Review

Proactol fat binderIt has been several months since the last Proactol review. Since its inception Proactol has created its place in the weight loss market in the UK, USA and across Europe.

Proactol can rival Lipobind for cost and effect – Lipobind is the best selling UK slimming pill with celebrity endorsement from TV presenter Katy Hill and former Eastenders actress Lucy Benjamin. But does best selling mean most effective?

Proactol on the other hand has just received a major award by gaining the status of Best Fat Binder and was recently voted one of the Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight in 2008 by successful dieters in a poll undertaken by the Daily Telegraph.

The UK commercial slimming pill market can sometimes be used as bench mark for the rest of the world and particularly the Unites States. Both Lipobind and Proactol are fast becoming the most talked about and analysed weight loss pills in existence.

Both are fat binders are both are remarkably similar in composition.

Below is a comparison that reveals the differences between Proactol and Lipobind


Available to buy almost everywhere – the marketing budget is huge.

This can be a good sign as consistency, history and public awareness (especially in the UK) point to a product that is here to stay. Boots, Superdrug and Holland & Barrett stock.

Lipobind Success Stories

Katy Hill weight loss success

Katy Hill is the celebrity endorsement behind Lipobind replacing Lucy Benjamin.

Katy reportedly lost over 4st while on Lipobind after giving birth to her baby daughter. Although it has come to light that only a reduction of 10lbs was a direct result of Lipobind.

ex Eastenders star Lucy Benjamin also attributes her weight loss success to Lipobind slimming pills.

Lipobind Accreditation

Lipobind is classed as Medical Device Type 1 and has the CE Mark of Approval

Lipobind is officially the UK’s best selling diet pill in its class. The guarantee period of 28 days is disappointing.


Proactol is mostly sold online direct via its own website.

Proactol has been in existence for over 3 years now and enjoyed an almost unprecedented launch success and has enhanced its reputation and consumer confidence year on year.

Proactol Success Stories

Proactol Success Story

Celebrity Fit Clubs Resident health and nutritionist and nutritional advisor is strong advocate of Proactol.

Proactol was featured in the Daily Telegraph as one of the Top 5 Ways To Lose in 2008

The Daily Express featured Laura Price who reportedly shed 6 dress sizes thanks to Proactol.

Proactol Accreditation

Proactol is a Medical Device Type 1, has a CE Mark of Approval, has approval from the MHRA and ERSP

Proactol has the longest money back guarantee period in the industry

From a pricing perspective Lipobind is cheaper for a smaller supply – but as soon as quantity is purchased Proactol is so much more cost effective.

Lipobind and Proactol Prices

The smallest quantity of Lipobind available to buy is 60 tablets costing 42p per tablet – the smallest quantity of Proactol available is 120 tablets costing 37p per tablet.

It is when bought in greater quantity that Proactol become so much more advantageous.

360 x Proactol tablets £104.48

360 x Lipobind tablets £143.17

Current Promotions

Lipobind are currently offering 3 boxes (180 tablets) for £69.95 – click here for Lipobind Promotion

Proactol are offering a 15% discount (quote CEBPR1 at checkout) and a FREE box – click here for Proactol Promotion