Acai Lipo Slimming Pill Review

Acai Lipo is a prime example of the nearly defunct Acai Berry free trial offer. These kinds of offers flooded the Internet a few years ago, when thousands of people were scammed and put on an auto-ship program.

Acai Berry Free Trial Offers Explained

Acai Lipo run their free trial program in much the same way other free trials are orchestrated.All you need to do is to fill out your personal data (along with your credit card number) and you will be sent “free trial sample” of their product.

But what they neglect to inform you is that if you don’t cancel your subscription with them within a fortnight (or under) they will charge you full retail price of their slimming product and they will send you further bottles incurring a cost to you.

What Are The Acai Lipo Ingredients

Acai Lipo includes the following within the formula.

Acai Berry, Green Tea extract, Garcinia Cambogia, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kelp and Grapefruit.

Unfortunately there is not a reference to any dosage or any specifics about the ingredients.

Acai is not just Acai – Acai needs to be freeze dried upon harvest. 90% of Acai products are ineffective because of this reason,

Does Acai Lipo Work

Whether it works is irrelevant – the free trial tactic is a complete non starter.

Is It Recommended

In one word …. NO

Better Alternative

Pure Acai Berry Max – A legitimate Acai Berry product that uses Freeze Dried Acia.

1500mg of fresh & freeze dried Acai Berry, all required certificates and 6 months money back guarantee. No auto ship program, no hidden fees, and no outrageous claims.

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