Actislim Slimming Pills Review

ActiSlim Slimming TabletsThere are some slimming pills that go overboard with the science in attempt to convince that their particular slimming product is a revolution in weight loss technology.

Then there are those that have built up a reputable brand through product recognition and customer feedback.

Then there is ActiSlim Ultra

The official website has relatively little by way of information as to how it works and what is contained in the formula. It seems enough to state that ActiSlim Ultra is a breakthrough formula!

So, What Is ActiSlim Ultra

Actislim is advertised as a 100% natural herbal slimming supplement under the brand name of Actislim ULTRA. It uses a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. To get the best results it is recommended (according to the official website) to:

  • Never miss the first meal of the day – Breakfast
  • Always take ActiSlim with water
  • Take part in regular exercise
  • Take ActiSlim at least 2 hours before going to bed

General common sense and certainly not revolutionary.

Side Effects Caused By ActiSlim Ultra

In general there are not many health concerns although the standard warning concerning the use of slimming pills (any slimming) if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is ActiSlim Worth Considering

Not a slimming pill to pin your weight loss hopes to.

Looking Elsewhere

Recently, several slimming products have appeared on the shelves of health stores and supermarkets with various degrees of noteriety.

Two that have made the biggest impact are Alli and Appesat

Alli Slimming PillsAlli – based on the prescription only Xenical Orlistat, Alli can block a portion of dietary fat from food consumer.

Alli is commercially available and has been subject to huge marketing campaigns. More about Alli

Appesat Seaweed Slimming PillAppesat – coined the “Seaweed Slimming Pill” and produced from natural if not unusual ingredients.

Appesat can help make you feel fuller sooner and reduce the need and want to snack between meals. More about Appesat