Acai Plus Slimming Pills

Acai Plus is a powerful slimming pill that utilizes the power of Acai Berry, Green Tea, Guarana Seed and Chromium Polynicotinate

These 4 ingredients all have clinical evidence to back up their claims of helping to reduce the cravings caused by carbohydrates.

The ingredients are wholly natural and pure and combine to provide a formula that naturally yet effectively speeds up your metabolism giving you raised energy levels and the ability to burn more calories.

Acai Berry Plus is ideal for anyone who wants a safe, natural and fast acting slimming pill that provides a day-to-day solution to expedite their weight loss.

Any Side Effects With Acai Plus

As the ingredients within Acai Plus are of a natural composition, it is unlikely to cause any risk of side effects if taken as recommended.

Acai Plus+ is suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well.

As if the quality of ingredients wasn’t enough to establish the effectiveness of Acai Plus+, there are also many  real customer reviews and success stories highlighting just how effective this product is with customers claiming that Acai Plus has given them more energy and a real positive weight loss experience.

“many dieters realise that it is not a case of deciding whether or not use Acai as part of their daily weight loss regime – its deciding which brand.”

Acai berry supplements are generally regarded to be an vital core daily requirement not just for its benefits to slimming but for also for cleanse and detox process.

For many people it is not a case of deciding whether or not use Acai as part of their daily diet regime – its deciding which brand.

Acai Plus can be bought UK authorised distributor from Evolution Slimming for £39.95 for a 1 month, 60 capsule supply.

For beter value is suggested to opt for the 4 month supply as the price per month then drops as low as £27.50.

Full product information, ingredients and customer testimonials can be found on the Evolution Slimming website.

More about Acai Plus

Latest Acai Offer

Presently there is a special offer in place entitling customers to purchase Acai Plus in conjunction with Detox Plus – A colon cleansing product.

A colon cleanser is also considered to be an essential component in your daily slimming regime.

A one months supply (Acai Plus and Detox Plus) costs around £49.95

Buy Acai Plus and Detox Plus