Best Slimming Pill To Use 2011

Slimming Pills For 2011

As another new year starts millions of people have made a solemn promise to either themselves or to others to lose weight. Giving up smoking and losing weight are the two most likely subjects of a new year resolution.

Quitting smoking, unfortunately we cannot help – but pointing you in the right direction for some potential slimming success, we can.

If you are considering using a slimming pill there is one product to give serious consideration to.

Capsiplex –  Chili Slimming Pill

The undoubted success of 2010. Capsiplex was released into the UK market at the backend of 2009 after unmitigated success in the United States.

Hit the headlines in most national newspapers for not only its prowess of effect but the sheer volume of sales it has generated. Upon its release an estimated 50,000 units were sold in three days with over 1 million units sold in its first 6 months.

Capsiplex has been coined several times over with “Celebrity Slimming Pill” and “Lose Weight At Your Desk” being the two standouts.

The former referencing some high profile Hollywood stars that are fans of Capsiplex including Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears.

The latter refers to the ingredient included in Capsiplex (capsicum) a form of red hot chili pepper that can burn around 280 calories with virtually no effort.

If there is one slimming pill to choose this year its Capsiplex.

  • Thermogenic Fat Burner
  • Non Prescription
  • Based In The UK
  • Side Effect Free
  • Prices Start At £29.99

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Best Slimming Pills to Buy

What Are The Best Slimming Pills

What Slimming Pills To Buy

The slimming pill industry can be rife with over hyped products and make selecting an effective slimming pill extremely difficult.

The marketers and advertisements have crossed a boundary. The slimming pill industry is a multimillion if not billion dollar/pound business – profit has overtaken substance and weight loss pills are being touted as an almost guarantee as far as losing weight is concerned.

Over The Counter Slimming Pills

It is the consumer that suffers, we have taken notice of the media hysteria surrounding commercial weight loss products, our wellbeing and health and decided to act in an effort to take control of  our weight. Slimming pills seem such an easy solution.

We lead busy lives and so taking a slimming pill or two is an ideal and lazy way to lose weight. But have we put too much trust in the industry and the messages they are telling us.

Slimming Pills With Medical Proof

A majority of commercial slimming pills readily available for us to buy have absolutely no medical proof nor have they been subject to any clinical trials – alarmingly very few have any certification for safety or efficacy.

Some us may have a high BMI (Body Mass Index) and so may be a candidate for a GP prescribed slimming. The most likely slimming pill prescribed by doctors nowadays is Xenical (Orlistat)

Prescription Only Slimming Pills

A GP or doctor is unlikley to prescribe Xenical or any other prescription only pill for purely cosmetic or vanity reasons.

So what happens to a person who is not considered obese or dangerously over weight, what should we do if we want to lose weight and do not qualify for a course of prescription slimming tablets. We are forced to buy from the over the counter market. Who should we trust!

A majority of slimming tablet manufacturers will want to role out their products to as many retailers as possible to maximise profits. This is a tell tale sign that the product may more aimed toward to the coffers of the makers rather than the benefit of the consumer.

Detailed below are 3 slimming pills that can are either GP prescribed or direct from manufacturer.

All three slimming pill products have undergone clinical studies, are doctor recommended and have the necessary certification for authenticity, safety and efficacy.

proactol-diet-pills.jpg pure-hoodia-diet-pill.jpg xenical-diet-pills.jpg


Pure Hoodia


Fat Binding


Fat Blocking

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven

Doctor Endosed

GP Recommended

Doctor Endosed

Direct Only

Direct Only

Prescription Only


Type 1 Medical Device

(MDD 93/42/EEC)







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