Boots Carb Control

Boots Carb Control Slimming Pills

Boots the chemists are well known for stocking slimming pills. They stock both third party and their own brand.

Carb Control is the latest addition to their ever growing portfolio of own brand products.

Taking on too many carbohydrates on a daily basis can have a profound effect on your weight if you do not exercise or are not as mobile as perhaps you should be.

Carbohydrates are essential, they provide our body with the necessary energy (fuel).

When your body takes on too many carbohydrates (from foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc) the additional energy that can be used straight away gets converted into fat and stored for later use.

Boots Carb Control Key points

  • Boots Carb Control comprises of a glycoprotein complex, that can decrease the amount of dietary carbohydrate that are digested and absorbed on a daily basis
  • Ideally used in tandem with a calorie controlled diet together with an active lifestyle it may help you lose weight
  • Your pharmacist or doctor can help with advice and support on lifestyle changes and healthy eating.
  • For weight management.

Boots  Carb Control Is Best Suited To

Carb Cravers: People who eat excessive amounts of carbohydrates followed by hunger pangs and energy slumps.
Energy Eaters: People who crave high carb intakes to fulfill energy demands and satisfy appetite.
Disorganised Eaters: People with a hectic lifestyle which leads to eating or on the go and consumption of carbohydrate heavy foods.
Does Boots carb Control Cause Side Effects

Does Boots Carb Control Cause Side Effects

Should not cause any adverse reaction if taken as directed.

Where To Buy Boots Carb Control

In store at Boots is the most obvious and likely.

Is Boots Carb Control Recommended

Buy PhenQCertainly worth considering but not over and above PhenQ the multi action diet pill from Bauer Nutrition that recently caused a media frenzy and even made the national newspapers by claiming to stop carb absorption by over 80%.

PhenQ has a growing list of real life customer testimonials

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XL-S Slimming Pills

XL-S Calorie Reducer

XL-S Slimming PillsXL-S Calorie Reducer is a fairly low key slimming pill but a familiar product for those who frequent Boots.

It is a formulated special complex of fibre substances – or fat binder.

The fibre complex is responsible for preventing a large portion of fat from consumed food and is aimed primarily at reducing calorie intake.

With an excessive consumption of these energy-rich nutrients the body absorbs too many calories which are stored in the body’s fat deposits.

By binding a percentage of the fat from consumed a lower calorific intake can be experienced which can also regulate cholesterol.

Are you looking for information on XLS Medical Fat Binder – the new commercial slimming pill currently advertised in the media.

XLS Medical Fat Binder claims it can help slimmers drop 2 dress sizes

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XL-S Ingredients

The main active ingredient is Chitosan – Chitosan, although natural, is derived from the exoskeletons of shellfish, it is a fibre complex consisting of extracts of shrimp and crab.

Side Effects Of XL-S Calorie Reducer

To date there have been no adverse reactions to the product – but the one caveat that should be noted is Chitosan has not had a thorough or enough scientific or clinical analysis.

The long term term health implications on human beings are an unknown factor.

Does XLS Calorie Reduce Work

Fat binders are possibly the most effective genre of slimming pills, unfortunately due to the inclusion of Chitosan we cannot give any kind of recommendation to this product.

Where To Buy XL-S

The most common outlet is Boots the Chemist

Other Fat Binders

PhenQPhenQ is clinically proven fat blocker that can also burn existing fat and suppress appetite

PhenQ is available without prescription and regarded to be the best of its kind currently available

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