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Proactol, producers of one the most effective and best fat binders so far this year have joined forces with The Telegraph, a popular UK daily newspaper. The promo offers Telegraph readers a chance to buy Proactol at a discounted price (a $20/£10 reduced purchase price on selected packages.)

Proactol Telegraph Diet Pill Promo

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The Proactol discount coupon code is valid until the end of the month – the voucher code is revealed at the end of the article.

The Telegraph’s website has Proactol featured in an article – Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight.

The article highlights what is thought to be the 5 best weight loss methods – this is according to thousands of interviews done under survey from people you have successfully lost weight and won their battle for weight loss.

Top 5 Ways To Lose Weight

  1. Eat small portions 6 times per day
  2. Use a clinically approved fat binding slimming pill
  3. Join an online diet forum
  4. Do not miss breakfast – the most important meal of the day
  5. Use a sensible diet program or weight loss plan

There is nothing that is too much of a revelation – which just further illustrates that there is not a miracle weight loss method. Sensible use of one or a few of the methods above will greatly improve your chances of weight loss success – deploy all 5 and you do not have a valid excuse for not losing weight.

Point 2 highlights Proactol – the critically acclaimed fat binder – the Telegraph have taken it upon themselves to become associated with this diet pill. You can read the review of Proactol here.

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