Can Slimming Pills Treat Obesity

Slimming Pills For Obesity

Obesity Slimming PillsObesity is now a worldwide problem it is becoming a pandemic, especially in regions where there is a high proportion of disposable income such as the United States, UK and Europe.

The most common and popular method for trying to get rid of excess body weight and body mass are some form of slimming pill or weight management tablets.

In a majority of cases a slimming is used either by itself or in conjunction with a diet plan or weight loss program

The most beneficial combination is the use of a slimming pill and a diet plan

In a majority of cases of obesity an individual will become accustomed to taking on board a certain amount of calories a day, common sense will indicate that this must change.  An sufferer from obesity must teach themselves to expect a reduced portion each and every day.

The most effective form of slimming pills that can produce a healthy gradual reduction in calorific intake is either an appetite suppressant or a fat binder

If you have an extremely large body mass a commercial slimming pill (one that you can buy over the counter or from the web ) is most likely not your best option.

In extreme cases of obesity where your life may be in danger it is absolutely vital that you seek professional help from a GP or doctor. A radical change of diet and lifestyle is necessary first and foremost.

Depending on stance a doctor may prescribe a course of slimming pills – the pills prescribed will be pharmaceutically produced drugs, some of them you may be familiar with and others you may not.

The over riding point is that they  are via prescription and must only be acquired after consultation from a doctor.

Common Anti Obesity Slimming Pills

There are only a handful of slimming pills that may be prescribed by a GP or doctor. All are chemically based, all are powerful and can lead to some pretty nasty side effects.

Prescription SLimming PillsXenical Orlistat – Xenical is a fat block that can prevent fat absorption. Xenical is very strong and uses the active ingredient Orlistat.

If you qualify for a prescription slimming pill you would be 10 times more likely to prescribed Xenical that any other brand. Xenical is not available for purchase. More about Xenical

Acomplia Rimonabant – a powerful appetite suppressing drug that until recently was quite frequently prescribed. Acomplia has now been banned from the marketplace after several adverse reactions were reported. More about Acomplia Rimonabant

Reductil – is a very powerful anti obesity drug and should only be used in cases where a a person is dangerously overweight or obese. Reductil is not a recommended weight loss pill for purely cosmetic reasons or anyone looking to drop a few pounds. More about Reductil

Meridia – uses the active ingredient Sibutramine. Meridia is another appetite suppressing slimming pill and has many potential side effects documented ranging from the minor to the severe. More about Meridia

The one factor that all of the above prescription slimming pills have in common is that can cause side effects.

It is highly advised to not attempt to purchase; Xenical, Reductil, Acomplia or Meridia from any source especially via the internet.

Natural Slimming Pills

The altertive to the chemically produced prescription slimming pill are of course product from the natural world. For an overview of some of the leading over the counter herbal and natural slimming pills click here

Victoria Beckham Slimming Pills Rumour

Did Posh Spice Take Slimming Pills

Rumours are abound that former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been using slimming pills to manage her weight.

The rumours have come fom UK magazine NOW – a celebrity gossip tabloid style weekly.

Victoria Beckham – or Posh Spice is said to upet by the accusations.

Quantrim slimming pillsVictoria Beckham has been linked to Quantrim more recently, the herbal slimming tablets made form Seaweed.

The mail online has reported that Quantrim is set to be the big slimming pill for 2013 with nearly 250,000 units old in advance of the release date (Boxing ay 2012)

If you want to find out more about Quantrim please visit the official website here


Click here to visit the Quantrim Website


A spokesperson from Mrs Beckham said “These accusation are blatantly untrue and defamatory” The magazine goes on to say that Posh is Hooked on slimming pills and that her sister Loiuse makes frequently trips to Los Angeles to collect and bring them back to the UK.

Victoria Beckhams’s Pr goes on to say “Victoria is role model who is known and looked up to by millions”

It is not known what type of slimming pills Victoria is thought to have used.

What Are the Most Popular Slimming Pills