Thermatrim Review

Thermatrim Slimming Pills

Thermatrim is a combined night and day formula that is formulated to help you to lose weight around the clock.

It is a fat burner and appetite suppressant that can help raise the metabolism and reduce cravings for sugary foods.

At first glance this slimming pill looks to have a pretty convincing story to tell. It is when the ingredient list is inspected closer that a few cracks start to appear.

Thermatrim Ingredients

The main ingredients present  are guarana, chromium picolante, chitosan, gymnema sylvestre, and garcinia cambogia. Add to these a sprinkling of herbs

Thermatrim Side Effects

Should not cause anything untoward if taken as recommended in the product literature.

Does Thermatrim Work

A distinct lack of any real customer success stories and clinical data has caused us to lose interest in this product pretty much at the outset.

Is Thermatrim Recommended

Hard to recommend – look elsewhere

Other Slimming Pills To Consider

Capsiplex – the fat burner that has received unprecedented media attention largely due to it ingredients that have been proven to burn body fat extremely rapidly.

Capsiplex sold out completely when it was first introduced to the market and has sold in excess of 1 million bottles.

Capsiplex is called the “miracle slimming pill” and contains an ingredient found in NHS prescription only slimming tablets.

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Chili Burn Slimming Pills

Chili Burn

Chili Burn slimming pillsChili Burn is based on the idea that red hot chili is a highly effective fat burner – a philosophy that Capsiplex capsitalised on at the start of the year.

It is manufactured by New Nordic and has apparently been in the development stage for several years prior to release.

The basic principle centres around calorie expenditure and fat burning.

“The principle is simple – the aim is to safely increase your calorie expenditure. As your body burns more calories, you slowly, but surely, lose weight by burning stored fat.”

How Does Chili Burn Work

Chili Burn contains all natural ingredients, such as green tea, chili, ginger and dill. This slimming pill has been in development for 7 years, and recent science has clearly shown that it does have the ability to burn fat.

Chili Burn Side Effects

The long term side effects are largely unknown

Does Chili Burn Work

Still new to the open market and so not much in the way of testimonials, customer feedback and user comments.

Where To Buy Chili Burn

In store at Holland and Barrett or several other leading UK slimming and health food specialists.

Is It Recommended

This product is still new and so we cannot give our full support until some creditable feedback has emerged.

Alternative Diet Pills

Capsiplex is the original Chili slimming pill, it is the slimming product that is grabbing media attention.

Capsiplex is being called the miracle slimming pill and also has an ingredient that is usually only found in prescription only slimming tablets.

It is suggested that using Capsiplex can equate to reducing calorific consumption by around 280 per day

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Trimmers Original Day Time Slimming Pills

Trimmers Day Time Slimming Pills

Trimmers Slimming Pills UK ReviewTrimmers have produced a range of slimming pills for several years now with quite possibly the most well know being the original day time formula.

Trimmers (across the range) is non prescription and can be bought both via the high street and online from the web.

Burn Fat – Suppress Appetite – Boost Energy

Trimmers Original is a dietary supplement capsule or slimming pill  made using 100% natural ingredients.

The process of thermogenics is employed where the body loses stored calories through heat and energy – or fat burning.

Trimmers Day Time Ingredients

Trimmer include Chromium Chelate, a trace mineral reported to lower cholesterol levels and acts as a natural fat burner that also stabilises glucose and blood sugar levels and stops cravings for sweet things and carbohydrates

Gotu Kola is also present – this stimulates the central nervous system and decreases fatigue and depression, Ginger Root which helps digestion and cleanses the colon, stimulates circulation and reduces spasm and cramps.

Trimmers Day Time Side Effects

Nothing to cause any great concern although a large majority of fat burners can cause headaches, insomnia, restlessness and sickness.

Do Trimmers Slimming Pills Work

Perhaps the nicest thing we can say about Trimmers is that for a fat burner it is one of the most recognised.

Fat burners on the whole are one of the least effective genres of slimming pills.

Other Slimming Pills To Consider

Buy PhenQPhenQ is a natural fat binder – it has been subjected to numerous clinical trials and is also classed as a Medical Device Type 1 .

PhenQ is multiple action, multiple benefit slimming pill that carries a 60 day money back guarantee.

PhenQ can help burn your excess body while stopping fat from accumulating. PhenQ is also a very effective appetite reducer

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