Pure Slim Hoodia Patch

The PureSlim Diet Patch utilises the benefits of Hoodia Gordonii but in a different method of delivery to that of a diet pill or capsule.

Slimming patches are a fairly recent introduction and aimed at people who have trouble for whatever reason taking a capsule or tablet form diet aid.

Slimming patches negate the need for a dieter to orally digest the weight loss formula or compound.

How Does The PureSlim Hoodia Patch Work

The Hoodia ingredients are contained in the patch and once applied are released using the Transdermal Delivery System (or through the skin)

The ingredients do not have to travel via the stomach as with oral diet tablets and are introduced directly into the bloodstream.

PureSLim Diet Patch

This slow release delivery method reduces the chances to almost zero of an overdose.

It could be argued that slimming patches are more effective than slimming pills as the ingredients get to work quicker – although the potency can often be reduced.

What Does The PureSlim Hoodia Patch Do

The Hoodia patch works in a similar way to Hoodia Slimming Pills – the formula is an appetite suppressant that reduces the feeling of hunger and the cravings for sugary foods.

A better explanation as to how Hoodia works can be found here

Hoodia is an excellent weight loss method but often prone to replica and immitation. A CITES Certificate should be present as proof of authenticity. PureSLim have the accreditation and 10 year history in the extraction and resale of Hoodia prodcts.

Side Effects From A Hoodia Patch

Highly unlikley to cause any harmful side effects.

Does The Hoodia Patch Work

There are currently dozens of Slimming patches available to buy – The PureSlim Hoodia patch is an original product with a high degree of pedigree. The Hoodia ingredient present is legitimate and the company behind (PureSLim Ltd) has written authorisation from the MHRA to supply for resale Hoodia in patch and pill form.

Where To Buy The Hoodia Patch

The Hoodia patch can be purchased direct by clicking here

Alternative Slimming Patch

Silver Slimming Patch – An appetite suppressing ingredient that shares similarities with Hoodia. Read about Silver Slimming Patch