Lauren Goodger Slimming Pill

Lauren Goodger, reality TV startlet from The Only Way is Essex is parading her new shapely figure in the Mail online after dropping a couple of dress sizes.

The TOWIE star is quoted as saying “No Barbs before Marbs” meaning she is laying off the carbohydrate rich foods before unveiling again in Spain (Marbella).

Lauren admitted she was starting to look overweight. Her love of carb rich foods (cake, pasta and rice), snacking and booze were beginning to take their toll.

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Now, Lauren says she has reduced her dress size to a size 10 after just a few weeks on a special diet but still would like to trim down even further,

The 24-year-old former legal secretary explained: “I started at 11st 4lbs and now I’m 10st 4lbs, so I’ve lost a 14 lbs in a month. I was a size 10-12 and now I’m definitely size 10. Ideally, though, I would like to drop another size.

What Is Lauren Goodgers Diet

Lauren’s slimming success is a combination of cutting back on the intake of carbohydrate rich foods (rice, pasta, cakes etc..) cutting out on snacking between meals cutting out alcohol.

Lauren says that reducing the amount of carbs she eats and cutting out snacking between meals is difficult but helped tremendously by a natural slimming pills called Meratol.

Meratol can raise your metabolism, suppress your appetite so that you will not feel the need to snack not feel hungry all the time.

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