Boots Carb Control

Boots Carb Control Slimming Pills

Boots the chemists are well known for stocking slimming pills. They stock both third party and their own brand.

Carb Control is the latest addition to their ever growing portfolio of own brand products.

Taking on too many carbohydrates on a daily basis can have a profound effect on your weight if you do not exercise or are not as mobile as perhaps you should be.

Carbohydrates are essential, they provide our body with the necessary energy (fuel).

When your body takes on too many carbohydrates (from foods such as rice, pasta, potatoes, bread etc) the additional energy that can be used straight away gets converted into fat and stored for later use.

Boots Carb Control Key points

  • Boots Carb Control comprises of a glycoprotein complex, that can decrease the amount of dietary carbohydrate that are digested and absorbed on a daily basis
  • Ideally used in tandem with a calorie controlled diet together with an active lifestyle it may help you lose weight
  • Your pharmacist or doctor can help with advice and support on lifestyle changes and healthy eating.
  • For weight management.

Boots  Carb Control Is Best Suited To

Carb Cravers: People who eat excessive amounts of carbohydrates followed by hunger pangs and energy slumps.
Energy Eaters: People who crave high carb intakes to fulfill energy demands and satisfy appetite.
Disorganised Eaters: People with a hectic lifestyle which leads to eating or on the go and consumption of carbohydrate heavy foods.
Does Boots carb Control Cause Side Effects

Does Boots Carb Control Cause Side Effects

Should not cause any adverse reaction if taken as directed.

Where To Buy Boots Carb Control

In store at Boots is the most obvious and likely.

Is Boots Carb Control Recommended

Buy PhenQCertainly worth considering but not over and above PhenQ the multi action diet pill from Bauer Nutrition that recently caused a media frenzy and even made the national newspapers by claiming to stop carb absorption by over 80%.

PhenQ has a growing list of real life customer testimonials

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Meratol is an advanced weight loss solution that combines 4 key areas of weight loss. These 4 areas are backed-up by 4 key ingredients.

The key ingredients are:

  • Brown seaweed extract
  • Prickly pear
  • Cactus extract
  • Red hot chili pepper

When combined, this multi weight loss system is not only beneficial to weight loss in the short term, but also over the long term.

Buy Meratol

The 4 key areas of weight loss

The 4 keys areas of weight loss are: calorie control, stopping the absorption of carbohydrates, decreasing the buildup of excess fat and burning calories.

How does Meratol work

Weight issues begin with one simple process, the food we consume. The food that we put in our mouth ultimately ends up being digested by our stomach. How we control that digestion affects our overall weight.

Meratol will help you reduce your daily calorie intake by blocking up to 82% of the carbohydrates that you consume, roughly 500 calories per day that you can eat but your body won’t absorb.

That it’s why Meratol doesn’t require any changes to your diet or lifestyle to provide efficient weight loss. Carbohydrates are found in starchy vegetables like potatoes, in bread, rice and pasta.

By considerably reducing your calorie intake, you will reduce your body fat quickly. Meratol also has ingredients that turbocharge the metabolism and increase the rate at which your calories are burned.

Not only is Meratol powerful but it’s also completely herbal and natural to provide you a safe weight loss without harmful side effects if taken as recommended.

Meratol is a complete solution if you want to lose weight quickly and keep it off!

Should I take Meratol to lose weight

Meratol contains the 4 most powerful natural ingredients for a safe and rapid weight loss. It should not cause any side effects if taken as recommended. More than 30 clinical studies prove the benefits of the ingredients in Meratol so it’s safe to say that Meratol comes highly recommended.

You can buy Meratol on the official website for £34.99 for a month supply. The webstore is UK based and the customer support is done locally so you will always find someone to answer your questions.

Meratol is not available in Boots, Superdrug or Holland & Barrett.

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Best Carbohydrate Blockers Review

Carb Blockers Review

Preventing the absorption of some of the carbohydrates we consume (carb blocking) is absolutely essential for those wanting to get rid of excess body fat

Carbohydrates are vital to out diet but are very regular contributors in the modern western diet and so some of the excess body fat you may have in certain areas can be attributed to the consumption of too many carb rich foods.

Carbohydrates (carbs) provide the fuel (energy) source for us to remain active and come in many differing foods that are eaten by us. There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.

Common examples of high carb content foods are pasta , bread, pancakes, corn, root crops like potatoes, vegetables fruit juices and most packaged cereals.

Carbohydrates that are taken on by the body are broken down into smaller sugar structures, called glucose and absorbed.

When food is converted into glucose, it enters your bloodstream as the immediate source of energy (fuel) or is kept in the liver and muscles as glycogen for storage when you may need energy at a later date. The excess is converted into fat.

Preventing this potential additional source of excess fat can be stopped by using a   Carb Blocker

The following are the three top Carb Blockers available to Uk Consumers.


Meratol is one of the newer carb blockers to enter the market place. Meratol is designed to reduce glycemic and insulinemic indexes of meals regularly consumed.

Meratol is responsible for stopping the digestion of 82% of unnecessary carbohydrates, it can also prevent the feelings of hunger and reduce daily calorie consumption by just under a third.

Meratol is available to buy without prescription and can be used in conjunction without diet products

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Decarb has been created by one of the most respected pharmaceutical companies in Europe.

It has numerous success stories attached to it – recently Gail Porter gave a glowing testimonial.

Decarb is responsible for stopping over 66% of carbohydrate absorption

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Dietrine is one of only a handful of non prescription slimming pills that has some clinical research and scientific study attached to it.

There are no less than 7 clinical studies carried out on the brand both for effect and safety.

Dietrine contains Phase2 and can reduce carb absorption by 66%

More about Dietrine